Mines professor to deliver key lecture to steel industry professionals

GOLDEN, Colo., April 28, 2011 – Colorado School of Mines Professor David K. Matlock will present the opening lecture next month at AISTech, the annual meeting of the Association of Iron and Steel Technology (AIST).

Matlock, director of the Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center at Mines, was selected to deliver the Howe Memorial Lecture.  He is recognized “for outstanding contributions to the teaching and research of mechanical metallurgy of steel and for worldwide leadership in the steel community.”
Matlock’s lecture is titled “Dual-Phase Steels: A Look Back With an Eye to Advanced High-Strength Sheet Steel Innovations.”
AISTech, the steel industry’s premier technology event, will be in Indianapolis May 2 through May 5 this year. It features hundreds of technical presentations and is attended by thousands of steel industry professionals.
The Howe Memorial Lecture was established in 1923 to honor Dr. Henry Marion Howe. Howe helped transform steelmaking from an art to a science with his gift of observation and deduction. He reviewed the experiments and breakthroughs of others — adding to them with investigations of his own — to establish metallography.
Other speakers at AISTech include a former CEO of General Motors, Fritz Henderson.
The Association for Iron and Steel Technology is an international technical association representing iron and steel producers, their allied suppliers and related academia. The association is dedicated to advancing the technical development, production, processing and application of iron and steel.
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