2008-2009 Faculty Accomplishment Highlights


2008-2009 Faculty Accomplishment Highlights
External Recognitions
  • MARK EBERHART is a Member of the Board of Visitors, National Institute of Science and Technology and a Member of the Board of Visitors for the Army Research Office’s Materials Science Division.
  • KENT VOORHEES is a Member of the American Chemical Society Board of Directors.
Chemical Engineering
  • SUMIT AGARWAL received an NSF Early Career Development Award. He was also invited to speak at the Plenary Session opening the 8th International ALD Conference in Bruges, Belgium. Dr. Agarwal’s student, V.R. RAI received the Graduate Student Award, Thin Films Division of AVS, at their International Symposium in Boston, MA; he also won 1st prize in the poster competition at the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the AVS.
  • JOHN DORGAN was invited to be the keynote speaker at three conferences including the Australian Polymer Society annual meeting.
  • DAVID MARR received the NASA Inventions and Contributions Board – Patent Application Award for his patent application “Colloidal Crystallization via Applied Field”.
  • KEITH NEEVES received the International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostatis Young Investigator Award.
  • AMADEU SUM received the DuPont Young Professor Award, 2008-2011.
  • DOUG WAY was an invited Plenary Lecturer at the 10th International Conference on Inorganic Membranes in Tokyo, Japan; this is the premier international conference in the field of inorganic membranes held every other year. Dr. Way’s students, ABBIE GADE AND MATT KEELING were winners of the Outstanding Graduate Student Research Paper Competition at this conference.
Economics and Business
  • GRAHAM DAVIS was elected to Registered Member status for the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc.
  • CHRISTIAN CIABANU received an NSF Early Career Development Award.
  • TONY PETRELLA received an NSF Early Career Development Award.
Environmental Science and Engineering
  • JORG DREWES was elected as a Panel Member for the National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council.
  • TISSA ILLANGASEKARE was elected by his peers as Chair of the 2012 Gordon Research Conference.
  • JUNKO MUNAKATA MARR received the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship for 2008 and was a participant in the Academic Management Institute during 2008-09.
  • JOHN MCCRAY was elected Chair of the ASCE National Ground Water Quality Committee.
  • JOHN SPEAR’S student, JACKSON LEE, received a U.S. State Department, Critical Language Scholarship (Chinese). Another student, JASON SAHL received the Student Paper of the Year Award for his Henderson Mine Paper in AEM.
Geology and Geological Engineering
  • GRAHAM CLOSS served as President-elect of the Colorado Section of the American Institute of Professional Geologists.
  • MURRAY HITZMAN was an invited panelist for the 2008 Asimov Debate, American Museum of Natural History.
  • ERIC NELSON was elected fellow of the Society of Economic Geologists.
  • PAUL SANTI was elected as a Fellow of the Geological Society of America. Dr. Santi’s student, DIANA COOK won the 2008 Marliave Scholar award from the Association of Engineering Geologists.
  • MIKE BATZLE is the Vice President of the Denver Well Logging Society.
  • ANDRE REVIL was appointed by the American Geophysical Union as editor of the Journal of Geophysical Research –Solid Earth.
  • DAVID WALD was awarded the Seismological Society of America’s Frank Press Public Service Award.
Liberal Arts and International Studies
  • JON LEYDENS, JUAN LUCENA and JEN SCHNEIDER won the Best Paper Award at the 2008 Educating Engineers for Sustainable Development Conference.
  • JEN SCHNEIDER’s students were winners of the Blackwell Prize in Creative Expression, Introduction to Film Studies.
Mathematical and Computer Sciences
  • TRACY CAMP was nominated to the Steering Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research.
  • MAHADEVAN GANESH was an invited speaker for four lectures for a workshop on Boundary Element Methods at the Institute for Scientific Computing and Mathematical Modeling, Universitat Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • PAUL MARTIN gave the IMA Lighthill Lecture. Sir James Lighthill was the founding President of the UK Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.
  • IRENE POLYCARPOU received the Outstanding PhD Graduate Award for the College of Engineering and Computing at Florida International University in December 2008.
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • HONGJUN LIANG’ s work on Porous carbon and carbon/metal oxide microfibers was featured by Chemical & Engineering News.
  • STEPHEN LIU received the Comfort A. Adams Lecture Award – American Welding Society. This award, the top research award of the American Welding Society, is given to an “outstanding scientist or engineer for a lecture describing a new or distinctive development in the field of welding”. Dr. Liu’s student, C. WILKINS won the third place Poster Award from the American Welding Society.
  • DAVID MATLOCK received the AIME Honorary Member Award, one of the highest honors that the Institute can bestow on an individual. Dr. Matlock’s and JOHN SPEER’S student RYAN REGIER received the AIST Jerry Silver Award for Best Paper. 
  • BRAJENDRA MISHRA received the 2010 Alexander Scott Distinguished Service Award from The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers (AIME).
  • JOHN MOORE received an Honorary Doctorate and a Godle Medal for outstanding research from the Moscow State Institute of Steels and Alloys. Dr. Moore also received the Educator Award from The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers (AIME).
  • RYAN O’HARE received a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the highest honor bestowed by the United States government on professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers.  
  • IVAR REIMANIS submitted the cover photograph for the Journal of the American Ceramic Society for February 2008.
  • NIGEL SAMMES had a patent awarded for “Electrode Supported Solid State Electrochemical Cell”. This is the patent on extruded anode supported tubular solid oxide fuel cells.
  • CHET VAN TYNE was the Keynote Lecturer at the Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering Plasticity and its applications in Daejeon, Korea. Dr. Van Tyne’s student ERIK PAVLINA won Best Graduate Student Presentation at the NADDRG Spring 2008 Symposium; student DANIELLE VISSER won a DIERF Forging Achievement Award.
  • MASAMI NAKAGAWA was invited to the opening of the School for Renewable Energy Science in Iceland and delivered an inaugural speech. He was also selected by the Governor’s Energy Office to be trained as a geothermal energy expert and studied in Iceland.
Petroleum Engineering
  • RAMONA GRAVES was a recipient of the 2009 Society of Petroleum Engineers Distinguished Membership. 
  • JENNIFER L. MISKIMINS received a ConocoPhillips Faculty Development Program award. Only three awards were given nationwide to petroleum engineering faculty.
  • ERDAL OZKAN was a recipient of the 2009 Society of Petroleum Engineers Distinguished Membership. 
  • MANIKA PRASAD’s student MOUTAZ SALEH from the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi won 4th place in the “Gulf Sub-Regional SPE Student Paper Contest” in Doha.
  • YU-SHU WU was selected as a fellow of the Geological Society of America.
  • LINCOLN CARR has been selected as the principal organizer for the Aspen Center for Physics workshop on “Quantum Computation and Simulation in Ultracold Atoms and Molecules in Optical Lattices” for 2009. 
  • CHARLES DURFEE was a Visiting Researcher for CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Normale Superior de Techniques Avancees.
  • CHUCK STONE received a 2008 Distinguished Service Citation from the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT).
  • CRAIG TAYLOR was selected as co-editor of the recently launched Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy.


Campus Recognitions
  • RAVEL AMMERMAN (Engineering) received the CSM Alumni Teaching Award.


  • TOM FURTAK (Physics) received the Board of Trustees Outstanding Faculty Award.
  • TONI LEFTON (Liberal Arts and International Studies) was selected as the WISEM “favorite professor” for Spring and Fall 2008.
  • JIM MCNEIL (Physics) received the CSM Alumni Teaching Award.
  • ALEXANDRA NEWMAN (Economics and Business) received the Division of Economics and Business, Researcher of the Year, 2008.
  • ARTHUR SACKS was chosen by his peers as the Colorado School of Mines 2009 Faculty Senate Distinguished Lecturer.
  • JEN SCHNEIDER (Liberal Arts and International Studies) was nominated as an Outstanding Faculty Member by the Society of Women Engineers.
  • DENDY SLOAN (Chemical Engineering) received the Dean’s Excellence Award.
MAY 2009 OUTSTANDING FACULTY AWARDS, selected by the graduating seniors:
Chemical Engineering: Colin Wolden                         
Chemistry and Geochemistry: Dan Knauss   
Economics and Business: John Stermole
Engineering w/ Environmental Specialty:   Ron Cohen
Engineering w/ Civil Specialty:   Candy Sulzbach    
Engineering w/ Mechanical Specialty: Cara Coad                    
Engineering w/ Electrical Specialty: Ravel Ammerman
Geology: John Curtis                                                         
Geophysics: Terence Young                                                       
Liberal Arts and International Studies:  Toni Lefton                             
Mathematical and Computer Sciences:  Scott Strong                             
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: Ryan O’Hayre
Mining: Hugh Miller                                                         
Petroleum Engineering: Jennifer Miskimins
Physics: F. Edward Cecil     
MAY 2009 OUTSTANDING FACULTY AWARDS, selected by the graduating graduate students:
Economics and Business: John Stermole
Electrical Engineering: PK Sen
Environmental Engineering: Ron Cohen
Mathematical and Computer Sciences:  Dinesh Mehta
Mining: Kadri Dagdelen
DECEMBER 2008 OUTSTANDING FACULTY AWARDS, selected by the graduating seniors:
Chemical Engineering:  Dendy Sloan
Economics and Business: John Stermole
Engineering w/ Civil Specialty: Joe Crocker    
Engineering w/ Mechanical Specialty:  Neal Sullivan       
Engineering w/ Electrical Specialty:  Ravel Ammerman
EPICS:  Bob Knecht                                               
Liberal Arts and International Studies:  Rose Pass                        
Mathematical and Computer Sciences:  Scott Strong                    
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: Chester Van Tyne
Petroleum Engineering: Jennifer Miskimins                              
Athletics:  Art Siemers                                                        
Staff Member: Connie Warren, LAIS
DECEMBER 2008 OUTSTANDING FACULTY AWARDS, selected by the graduating graduate students:
Economics and Business: Cigdem Gurgur
Electrical Engineering: PK Sen
Liberal Arts and International Studies: Eul Pang   
Mathematical and Computer Sciences: Dinesh Mehta
Mining: Hugh Miller                                                           



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