2009-2010 Faculty Accomplishment Highlights

External Recognitions
  • KIM WILLIAMS has been nominated for the 2010 American Chemical Society Award in Separation Science and Technology.
  • KENT VOORHEES is the Editor for the Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis and a member of the Green Chemistry Governance Board.
Chemical Engineering
  • SUMIT AGARWAL received an NSF Career Award.
  • JIM ELY received the Gas Processors Association Donald A. Katz award for “Outstanding accomplishments in gas processing research and technology and for excellence in engineering education”.
  • ANDY HERRING received the 3M Non-tenured faculty award.
  • DAVID MARR received three NASA Inventions and Contributions Board--Patent Application Awards.
  • KEITH NEEVES received the Young Investigator Award from the 22nd Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis.
  • DOUG WAY was an invited lecturer at the European Union sponsored short course - “NanoMem” - for graduate students and young researchers, held in Norway.
  • DOUG WAY’s graduate student, JOSHUA LAU, received 1st place for his poster entitled, “The influence of temperature on the sorption and permeability of CO2 in poly (fluoro-alkoxy-phosphazene) membranes” the American Indian Science and Engineering Society Annual Meeting.
  • COLIN WOLDIN was the E.T.S. Walton Visitor Program Award Winner, from the Science Foundation of Ireland.
Economics and Business
  • GRAHAM DAVIS was elected as a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.
  • RAVEL AMMERMAN was appointed to the rank of IEEE Senior Member.
  • JOE CROCKER delivered a Solar Energy Class and a Surveying Class to Native American Tribal College faculty.
  • VAUGHAN GRIFFITHS is the Editor of the Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Engineering Journal.
  • WILLIAM HOFF received 3rd place at the National Security Innovation Competition.
  • KATIE JOHNSON was selected to participate in the 2009 Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) Science Tour, “Regenerative Energies in Germany: State of the Art and Opportunities for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education”.
  • BOB KEE was instrumental in establishing a MOU between Colorado School of Mines and University of Karlsruhe.
  • NING LU is the recipient of 2010-2011 Shimizu Professorship at Stanford University.
  • RICH PASSAMANECK led the Shell Eco-Marathon student team to an overall 14th place finish with a car that achieved over 900 miles per gallon. 
  • TONY PETRELLA received an NSF Career Award.
  • JOHN STEELE is the Secretary and Vice Chair of the Colorado Section of the American Welding Society.
  • CANDY SULZBACH received 2009 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award at the National Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Conference.
  • CANDY SULZBACH led the student team that took first place in the steel bridge competition at the ASCE Rocky Mountain Regional Conference.
  • SID SURYANARAYANAN was the sole recipient of the 2009 IEEE Power and Energy Society T. Burke Hayes Faculty Recognition Award.
Environmental Science and Engineering
  • LINDA FIGUEROA has been invited to serve on the International Atomic Energy Agency Uranium Production Cycle Education Network.
  • TISSA ILLANGASEKARE received an Honorary Doctorate in Science and Technology, from Uppsala University, Sweden.
  • JUNKO MUNAKATA MARR is a co-nominee, along with JON LEYDENS from the Division of Liberal Arts and International Studies, for the 2010 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education, given by the National Academy of Engineering. They are cited for their involvement in the development of the Humanitarian Engineering Program.
  • JUNKO MUNAKATA MARR’s student, MEGAN SMITH, received the National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation scholarship for best student presentation at the 2009 annual meeting of the National Ground Water Association. A second student, Lisa Gallagher, received the second place poster award at the 2009 National Meeting of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation.
  • JOHN MCCRAY has been invited to serve as Guest Editor of a special issue of Ground Water on Contaminant Hydrogeology Field Experiments.
  • JOHN SPEAR’s student, MERIKA TREANTS, was awarded a University of Colorado, Denver-Summer Cancer Research Internship; and student KENNDA LYNCH, received the NASA Jenkins Pre-doctoral Fellowship Award.
Geology and Geological Engineering
  • DAVID BENSON was elected as a Fellow of the Geological Society of America.
  • JERRY HIGGINS received a Presidential Citation from the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists, for service as Chair of the Landslide Working Group.
  • WENDY ZHOU received the Best Paper Award for her presentation “Rock Characterization, Modeling and Engineering Design Methods” at an International Symposium on Rock Mechanics in Hong Kong. 
  • JEFFREY ANDREWS-HANNA’s research on the martian dichotomy was featured as part of the History Channel’s, “The Universe: Biggest Blasts” television special.
Liberal Arts and International Studies
  • JON LEYDENS and JEN SCHNEIDER were invited to participate in the National Academy of Engineering’s 2009 Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium.
  • JON LEYDENS is a co-nominee, along with JUNKO MUNAKATA MARR from the Environmental Science and Engineering Division, for the 2010 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education, given by the National Academy of Engineering. They are cited for their involvement in the development of the Humanitarian Engineering Program at Mines.
  • CHRIS THIRY received the Special Award from Map and Geography Round Table of the American Library Association. The award “Recognizes outstanding achievement and major contributions to map librarianship and the Round Table.”
Mathematical and Computer Sciences
  • TRACY CAMP was selected to participate in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Distinguished Lecture Tour in China.
  • ZIZHONG CHEN received the Outstanding Leadership Award for helping to organize the 11th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing
  • QI HAN received the Best Paper Award at the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Workshop on Embedded Sensing Systems for Energy-Efficiency in Buildings.
  • PAUL MARTIN was invited to be a member of the Committee on Gene Golub Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Summer Schools. 
  • IRENE POLYCARPU was selected to participate in a career-mentoring workshop “Managing the Academic Career for Faculty Women at Undergraduate Computer Science and Engineering Institutions”.
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • CORBY ANDERSON was the 2009 Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Milton Wadsworth Award Speaker.
  • KIP FINDLEY received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Career Award
  • STEPHEN LIU received the Charles H. Jennings Award of the American Welding Society. This award is given to the “most valuable contribution to the welding literature published in the Welding Journal and conducted by students and faculty in a university.”
  • STEPHEN LIU and KIP FINDLEY’s undergraduate students, KHRIS CLYMER, MICHAEL LIU, and MICHAEL MILLER won Third Place at the American Welding Society’s “Weldability of TRIP Steels” Conference.
  • DAVID MATLOCK and co-author JOHN SPEER were awarded the Charles Hatchet Medal for the most outstanding paper on the metallurgy and technology of niobium and its alloys published in the preceding two years.   
  • RYAN O'HAYRE received a Presidential Early Career Award for Science and Engineering.
  • JOHN G. SPEER’s student, RYAN REGIER, received the Association for Iron and Steel Technology Hunt-Kelly Award.
  • JOHN G. SPEER is the faculty advisor to the student team that captured the trophy in the 2010 Alcoa Materials Bowl for the second consecutive year. 
  • PATRICK TAYLOR received the 2009 Extraction and Processing Division of The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) Distinguished Service Award.
  • MASAMI NAKAGAWA organized an international conference entitled, “Powders and Grains 2009”, which attracted almost 250 people from all over the world.
Petroleum Engineering
  • HOSSEIN KAZEMI received the Society of Petroleum Engineers North America’s Reservoir Engineering and Flow Dynamics Awards.
  • MANIKA PRASAD’s student, KENECHUKWA MBA, took second place in the SPE Rocky Mountain Petroleum Technology Conference student paper contest.
  • LINCOLN CARR was invited to give a series of lectures for Graduate Days Program at Graduate School for Fundamental Physics, University of Heidelberg on topics related to “Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Many Body Systems”.
  • JEFF SQUIER’s Ph.D. student, KRAIG SHEETZ, won top honors for his talk, “Development of a Novel Multibeam Yb:KGd(WO4)2 Oscillator for Multifocal Nonlinear Microscopy,” presented at the Advanced Solid-State Photonics meeting. 
  • CHUCK STONE is the faculty advisor to the Mines chapter of the Society of Physics Students, which received a Marsha W. White Outreach Award to support their work with a local elementary school’s math and science program.
Campus Recognitions

         PATRICK MACCARTHY, Professor of Chemistry and Geochemistry
         TRACY GARDNER, Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering
         UWE GREIFE, Professor of Physics
         JON LEYDENS, Associate Professor of Liberal Arts and International Studies
         DAVID MUNOZ, Associate Professor of Engineering
OUTSTANDING FACULTY AWARDS, selected by the graduating seniors and graduate students in each department:
Chemical Engineering
         RON MILLER (undergraduate students)
         TONY DEAN (graduate students)
Chemistry and Geochemistry
         MARK SEGER (undergraduate students)
         DAN KNAUSS (graduate students)  
Economics and Business
          JOHN STERMOLE (undergraduate and graduate students)
Engineering w/ Civil Specialty
         JOE CROCKER (undergraduate students)
         MIKE MOONEY (graduate students)
Engineering w/ Electrical Specialty
         RAVEL AMMERMAN (undergraduate students)
         PK SEN (graduate students)
Engineering w/ Environmental Specialty   
         JUNKO MUNAKATA MARR (undergraduate students)
Engineering w/ Mechanical Specialty
         CARA COAD (undergraduate students)
         JOHN BERGER and NEAL SULLIVAN (graduate students)
Environmental Science and Engineering
         JUNKO MUNAKATA MARR (undergraduate students)
         JOHN MCCRAY (graduate students)
Geology and Geological Engineering
         JOHN CURTIS (undergraduate students)
         EILEEN POETER (graduate students)
         DAVID HALE (undergraduate students)
Liberal Arts and International Studies
         TONI LEFTON (undergraduate and graduate students)
         ELLIE BLAIR-KENNEDY (undergraduate students)
         GUS GREIVEL (graduate students)
Computer Science
         TRACY CAMP (undergraduate students)
         JEFFREY CHEN (graduate students)
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
         KIP FINLEY (undergraduate students)
         RYAN O’HAYRE (graduate students)
         HUGH MILLER (undergraduate students)
Petroleum Engineering
         JENNIFER MISKIMINS (undergraduate students)
          H. VINCE KUO (undergraduate students)
         REUBEN COLLINS (graduate students)



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