Space 2.0 revolution gains ground in the mining industry

GOLDEN, Colo., January 23, 2008 — 8th Continent Project, the world’s most comprehensive program to integrate space technology and resources into the global economy, is a finalist in this year’s Mining Journal’s International Pioneering Award.

Each year, Mining Journal nominates companies from around the world that have shown the greatest originality in the search for minerals. The 8th Continent Project, in its first year of operations at the Colorado School of Mines, was chosen as one of only five finalists for the prestigious award. This year’s winner is UK-based GMA Resources, a gold producer operating principally in Algeria.

“Space 2.0 is more than rocket ships and billion-dollar government projects, it’s the evolution and commercialization of space technology and resources,” said Burke Fort, 8th Continent Project director. “It’s such a new movement that we’re especially honored to have been recognized in our first year by the highly respected Mining Journal as having a revolutionary and original impact on the future of the industry. The potential to find and mine minerals in space is huge, making mining one of the strongest representations of Space 2.0, an era in which existing technologies are being adapted and commercialized for space, as well as improved for use right here on Earth.”

“8th Continent, the Colorado School of Mines and the Center for Space Resources are helping to encourage space-related technological advancements in mining and other industries through the Space 2.0 movement’s first research hub, incubator, venture fund and international chamber of commerce,” Fort added.

About the 8th Continent Project

Based out of Golden, Colorado, the Colorado School of Mines’ 8th Continent Project is the world’s most comprehensive effort to integrate space technology and resources into the global economy. 8th Continent provides the infrastructure and resources to solve a wide range of challenges from global warming to renewable energy development. Located in Colorado, home of the most concentrated entrepreneurial, investor and aerospace talent in the world, 8th Continent brings space down to earth with the industry’s first trade association, incubator, venture fund and research hub, all working together to develop the next generation of space business ventures. More information can be found at




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