Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda


Colorado School of Mines
Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule
June 5, 2009
I.          Trustees Breakfast
            8:15 a.m., General Research Laboratory Conference Room
II.         Consent Agenda 
            9:00 a.m., General Research Laboratory Conference Room
           a.         Consideration of Previous Minutes                                                           
           b.         Reports  
                       1. Chairman of the Board  
                       2. Board Committee Reports  
                       3. President  
                       4. Research Activities Report (Dr. Poate)                                          
                       5. Financial Report (Ms. Volpi)                                                                        
            c.         Action Items  
                        1. Approval of AY 09-10 tuition and fees (Ms. Volpi)
                        Board approval is being sought for the academic year 2009 – 2010 tuition rates along with mandatory student fees.
                        2. Approval of FY10 budget (Ms. Volpi)
                        Board approval is being sought for the Fiscal Year 2010 Operating Budget. The Operating Budget includes the Current Unrestricted Budget, Designated Budget, Current Restricted Budget and the Endowment Budget.
                       3. Approval of 5 year capital plan (Ms. Volpi)                                               
                       Board approval is being sought on the five year capital plan. This plan outlines the upcoming capital projects that are currently in the conceptual or planning phase.
                       4. Approval of Faculty Handbook changes (Dr. Middleton)  
                       Board approval is being sought for the changes to the 2009-10 edition of the Faculty Handbook, as recommended by the Faculty Handbook Committee.
          d.         Emergency Action Items
          e.         Information Items  
                     1. Campaign planning (Ms. Williams)  
                      The Office of University Advancement will do a presentation on the steps involved in planning for a campaign.                                                             
           f.         Regular Written Reports
                     1. Environmental Health & Safety Report (Ms. Volpi)                                                 
                     2. Office of University Advancement Report (Ms. Williams)                                   
                     3. Undergraduate Admissions Report (Dr. Fox)                                                         
                     4. Graduate School Admissions Report (Dr. Boyd)                                                  
                     5. Alumni Association Report (Ms. Pariseau)                                                             
III.                Executive Session
                    1. Legal Advice pursuant to §24-6-402 (3)(a)(II), C.R.S.

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