Core Course Summaries

In response to faculty feedback obtained from a February 2012 survey, the Core Curriculum Committee is providing 1-2 page summaries of core courses. The purpose of these summaries is to provide faculty with details regarding concepts and skills that are emphasized in each course. These summaries provide more detail than is included in course descriptions found in the Bulletin and include contact information for the faculty member who coordinates each course. 


Common Core View Summary
CHGN 121: Principles of Chemistry I X
CSM 101: Freshman Orientation and Success  XPDF versionText only version
EBGN 201: Principles of Economics   XPDF versionText only version
EPIC 151: Design EPICS I   
LAIS 100: Nature and Human Values  
LAIS 200:  Human Systems  
MACS 111: Calculus for Engineers I   
MACS 112: Calculus for Engineers II  
MACS 213: Calculus for Engineers III  
MACS 315: Differential Equations  
PAGN 101:  Physical Education I  
PAGN 102:  Physical Education II  
PHGN 100:  Physics I X
Distributed Science View Summary
BIOL 110: Fundamentals of Biology I  
CHGN 122: Principles of Chemistry II  X
CSCI 101: Introduction to Computer Science  
GEGN 101: Earth and Environmental Systems  
PHGN200: Physics II X



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