Geology Museum Volunteers

Volunteers are essential for the smooth operation of our Museum. Since October, 2007, volunteers have been meeting weekly to handle a wide range of requests from Museum staff. Some of the major accomplishments of the volunteers have been the organization of our first Museum Book Sale, inventorying of the Allison-Boettcher Collection, the creation of numerous travelling mineral displays, repair of the Clear Creek County Courthouse mineral display in Georgetown, installation of our Museum Gift Shop, assistance in cleaning our primary warehouse, help with our Annual Open House, renovating our meteorite displays, and numerous tasks involving artistry, carpentry, computing, construction, library research, mentoring/supervising, mineral work (sorting, cleaning, preparation, analysis, repair, labeling, cataloging, research, displays, micromounting, wrapping, etc.), photography, planning, and public relations. We thank our volunteers for all of their help and invite others to participate in the future.

Museum Volunteers:
William W. Atkinson, Bryan Cooney, Ben Geller, Judy Geller, Nina Geller, Tom Hughes, Bob Jordan, Paul Kendall, Don Koenneman, Sherm Marsh, Cath and Jack Murphy, Bob Newton, Richard Parsons, Neil Pearson, Ed Raines, Aaron Rever, Beth Simmons, and Dan Wray.



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