Health Benefits

All international students regardless of degree-seeking status must have health insurance as a condition of enrollment that meets or exceeds Colorado School of Mines’ coverage requirements.

In order to WAIVE OUT of the University-sponsored health benefits plan, international students must return a completed waiver form and supporting documentation to the Director of International Students and Scholars Services by the published deadline of their first term of enrollment each academic year. Failure to do so will result in automatic enrollment in the CSM Student Health Benefits Plan, and the charge for the Plan will appear as a line item on the student’s bill. 
Students may choose alternative benefits as long as their plan's coverage meets or exceeds the minimum requirements listed at the bottom of this page. Please be aware that many “travel insurance” policies may contain pre-existing condition exclusions, do not provide participating non-emergency providers in the Denver area, and limit or exclude inpatient or outpatient mental health care services, including treatment of alcohol and other drug abuse or suicide. Such policies do not meet CSM waiver requirements; waivers will be denied.
The intent of the benefits requirement for international students at Colorado School of Mines is continuous and adequate health benefits coverage during and between academic terms.
If you have further questions after reading the information provided by this website, please contact Brandon Samter through e-mail at, by phone at 303-273-3589, or by fax at 303-273-3099.
Students who wish to waive benefits must have a plan that meets or exceeds all of the requirements below.
  • The lifetime maximum benefit is at least $2 million (with no yearly or per condition maximum benefit that would reduce coverage).
  • The plan includes participating health care providers (i.e. hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, and mental health care providers) in the Denver metro area for both emergency AND non-emergency health care services.
  • The plan includes prescription drug benefits.
  • The plan provides at least 20 outpatient visits for mental health care services and provides at least 30 days of inpatient mental health care services (including emergency psychiatric admissions).
  • Coverage will be in effect as of Jan. 12, 2011, without any waiting period or pre-existing condition exclusion.
  • The plan will remain in effect for the 2010-11 academic year, except for termination due to attainment of a maximum age or other condition resulting in loss of plan eligibility.
  • The plan does not have a deductible greater than $500 (if the deductible is greater than $500, you must check the statement confirming that you have adequate financial resources to pay for medical expenses subject to the deductible). 

If you travel abroad during the 10--11 academic year as part of a Mines program, the plan must provide medical evacuation and repatriation coverage at a level comparable to the SHBP. If my personal benefits do not have this coverage, I will purchase other individual coverage that provides comparable medical evacuation and repatriation bene


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