Mines to receive DOE funding for three geothermal energy research and development projects

GOLDEN, Colo., Nov. 12, 2009 – U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu recently announced awards for 123 projects in 39 states, including three at Colorado School of Mines, as part of the Department of Energy’s investments in the exploration and development of new geothermal fields and research into advanced geothermal technologies.

The three Mines projects are:
  • $1.19 million to create a large-scale simulation model that can include more factors involved in geothermal drilling than do the existing models. This project is led by Yu-Shu Wu and will be carried out in collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
  • $860,597 to create and validate a stimulation prediction model that includes how fluids will act if injected into a well to create enhanced geothermal reservoirs. This project is led by Marte Gutierrez and Masami Nakagawa.
  • $245,797 to create a “Geothermal Academy,” with a data and analysis clearinghouse for ground-source heat projects. This project is led by Masami Nakagawa.
The first two projects are part of the Enhanced Geothermal Systems Components Research and Development/Analysis program of DOE, while the third projects falls under the Ground Source Heat Pump Demonstrations program.
As noted by DOE Secretary Steven Chu, “The United States is blessed with vast geothermal energy resources, which hold enormous potential to heat our homes and power our economy. These investments in America's technological innovation will allow us to capture more of this clean, carbon free energy at a lower cost than ever before. We will create thousands of jobs, boost our economy and help to jumpstart the geothermal industry across the United States."
Karen Gilbert, Public Relations Specialist / 303-273-3541 / Karen.Gilbert@is.mines.edu
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