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Monazite  (Ce,La,&)2O3, with P, Th, U, Zr, or Si GOLDEN, Colo., July 15, 2011 – Mining industry representatives from across the world will travel to Colorado School of Mines for a course on rare earths, Aug. 9-11, 2011. The course is a first of its kind in the United States.
“Introduction to Rare Earth Geology, Mineralogy, Mining, Mineral Processing, Extractive Metallurgy and Economics” is a presentation of the most current technology in this field of ever-growing importance.
“Rare earths are important to our new energy economy and our defense. They are used in wind turbines, hybrid cars, missile defense systems and many other essential applications. China provides about 97 percent of the world supply and they are restricting exports. The price of rare earth elements and compounds have gone through the roof over the last year which makes mining more feasible in the United States and other countries with potential ore grade deposits,” said Dr. Patrick Taylor, Mines professor of chemical metallurgy and course coordinator. “This course is intended to provide an introduction to important considerations in the resource recovery aspects of rare earth minerals.”
The course features lectures from leading experts in the rare earth field including faculty at Colorado School of Mines and executives from Molycorp Minerals and Rare Element Resources.
It is designed for engineers, technicians, chemists, managers and others working or interested in the rare earth resource recovery industries. It is also intended for those who support the industry including vendors, regulatory agencies, personnel and technical employees in related fields.
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David Tauchen, Public Relations Specialist / 303-273-3088 / DTauchen@mines.edu
Karen Gilbert, Director of Public Relations / 303-273-3541 / KGilbert@mines.edu
Technical Contact:
Dr. Patrick R. Taylor, Course Coordinator and Professor of Chemical Metallurgy / 303-384-2130 / prtaylor@mines.edu



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