Geoscience and Resource Engineering

Does the future of the planet and your place on it — interest you?

Colorado School of Mines is world-renowned for its earth science and engineering focus. How do we explore and develop sources of fossil and renewable energy? How do we ensure environmental quality while securing the clean water, mineral supplies and energy resources the world requires? Mines students and faculty develop and work with the most innovative technologies to find new ways to use the Earth's resources in a sustainable manner.

Do you want to be a 21st century explorer and innovator?

If you want to be involved in solving some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century — energy independence, clean air and water, climate change, materials security, sustainable development — come join the "geoids" at Mines. Whether you want to conduct fieldwork in remote parts of the planet or work in a high-tech office or laboratory, the earth-based engineering and science disciplines provide an endless array of possibilities. You can be part of an exciting present and a promising future. You can look forward to a career that will provide worldwide employment and the satisfaction of putting your engineering and scientific skills to use for the betterment of the planet.

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