What Will You Bring?

Mines is a community of students, faculty and staff committed to academic excellence and positive outcomes. Our students come from diverse backgrounds, but all have a common goal to achieve. We seek out students for our undergraduate programs who are ...
  • motivated by a challenging curriculum
  • inspired by distinguished, yet approachable and accessible faculty
  • enjoy problem-solving
  • and want to make a difference. 
Do you imagine yourself as a scientist or engineer? Do you want to solve everyday problems that improve lives around a global community by ...
  • building better roads and safer bridges
  • exploring the earth and its minerals to find new solutions for energy or to provide basic needs such as water to third world countries
  • developing household products or pharmaceutical medications to improve the lives of people living with illness
  • working for NASA or improving the design of an airplane
  • designing artificial limbs and working with orthopedic surgeons
  • creating the next iPod or cell phone?
Are you thinking about medical school or would you like to be dentist, lawyer or teacher? 
Engineers, scientists and mathematicians offer creative solutions to everyday problems, and economists build businesses using their skills in research, analysis and planning. Mines graduates do all of these things and make a great living while changing the world. There is a demand for students like you, and Mines is a community that fosters your growth and inspires your talent. 
What will you bring?

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