(Graduate Non-Degree Students)

These instructions are being provided to help you through the application process. We look forward to having you on campus.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

Application for Admission

• As a Non-Degree applicant you are required to submit a Non-Degree Graduate Application for each term you are applying to:
Fall, Spring, Summer I (May) or Summer II (June).

• A non-refundable $10 application fee is required of all Non-Degree applications. If you wish to pay by check or money order,
please mail it to the address listed below, payable to "Colorado School of Mines". You will be notified via email once we receive
the payment and have posted it against your online application. Please note: Our online application will only accept fees paid by
credit or debit card.

• You are required to submit your Undergraduate transcripts. If you have additional transcripts that show proof of prerequisites,
you will need to submit those as well. These documents can be uploaded under “Non-Degree Uploads” in your online application.

• Colorado residents must submit proof of residency documents before an application can be processed. These documents can
be uploaded under “Non-Degree Uploads” in your online application.

• International Non-Degree applicants are required to submit a valid I-20 and a copy of your I-94 (stapled to your passport). These
documents can be uploaded under “Non-Degree Uploads” in your online application.

Once your application is complete and submitted it is processed in the Graduate Office. From there it is forwarded to the
Registrar’s Office. Assuming you have the required prerequisites for the course (or courses) you would like to enroll in and
assuming there is available space in the course, you will be registered by the Registrar’s Office. You will receive an email
confirming your registration. Be sure to print this email; it contains specific information about withdrawing from classes, should you
need to do so, and the deadline for any changes you need to make. If you have not received notification within 5 days of your first
class please contact the Graduate Office at:

Please note: Successful completion of Non-Degree courses does not guarantee acceptance into a Degree-Seeking program at
Colorado School of Mines.

Colorado School of Mines
Office of Graduate Studies
1500 Illinois St.
Golden, Colorado USA 80401-1887
(303) 273-3249
(800) 446-9488 x3249