Colorado Residency for Tuition Classification Form
Please print this form, complete it and return it to:
Colorado School of Mines
Admissions Office
1600 Maple Street
Golden, CO 80401



We have received your student enrollment confirmation form. In order to complete your tuition classification, we
need this form completed to include in your enrollment file.
*If you (the student) are under 23 years old, this must be completed using your parent’s/legal guardian’s

NO □
If NO,
. Please sign form and return to
Colorado School of Mines Admissions Office.

If YES, completion of all the questions in the table below is required. Failure to do so may result in your classification as a
non-resident. Check N/A if not applicable.

Your Parent/Legal Guardian*

You (student)

(if you are under 23 years old)
(if age 23 or older)
Dates of continuous physical presence in Colorado (mo/yr)
From ___/_____ to ___/_____

From ___/_____ to ___/_____

Date Colorado Driver’s License was first issued (mo/yr)

Date current Colorado Driver’s License was issued (mo/yr)

List last 3 years of Colorado Motor Vehicle registration
20____, 20____, 20____

20____, 20____, 20____

Date of Colorado Voter Registration (mo/yr)

Date of purchase/lease of any Colorado residential property


Dates of employment in Colorado (mo/yr)
From ___/_____ to ___/_____

From ___/_____ to ___/_____

Dates of military service, if applicable (mo/yr)
From ___/_____ to ___/_____

From ___/_____ to ___/_____

List last 3 years Colorado income taxes have been filed
20____, 20____, 20____

20____, 20____, 20____

Student - Date of marriage (mo/yr) – Answer this question only if

you will be under 21 by initial enrollment date

If your parents are separated/divorced, which one lives in


Dates of extended absences from Colorado (Gone for more than

one month in past two years)
From ___/_____ to ___/_____

From ___/_____ to ___/_____

Military Personnel Claims for Tuition Classification as a Colorado Resident: Please check situation that applies and
provide/attach appropriate documentation:

Honorably discharged members of the military who have maintained a domicile in the state of Colorado for any length of time shall
be granted in-state tuition status. The service member must attach a copy of his or her DD-214/Discharge Certificate to this form.

Dependents of non-resident active duty military stationed in Colorado may request change of tuition classification to in-state. For
information, please contact the appropriate Military Base Education Office.

The information I have furnished on this tuition classification form is true and complete.

Parent Signature (if student is under 23 years of age) Date
Student Signature (required regardless of age) Date

The burden of proof of intent to domicile rests upon the individual and not the Admissions Office. You will remain classified as out-of-state
until this information is received. Submission of the requested information does not guarantee in-state status. Classifications are subject to
“Tuition Law” sections 237101-237107 of the Colorado Revised Statuses. Your enrollment file will not be considered complete until this
form is returned.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact the Admissions Office using our toll free number at
888-446-9489, or direct at 303-273-3220.