Recommendation Form for Graduate Study
This section MUST be completed by the Applicant. After completing this section please submit the form to your recom-
mender. The recommender should send this form and their letter to
Please Print
Your Name: __________________________________________________________________ Birth Date: _____________
Program: _______________________________________________________ Desired Degree: _____________________
Name of Recommender: ___________________________________________
I hereby (Choose One) ___ waive OR ___ retain my right under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to
review this Letter of Recommendation. I understand that if I do not notate my choice my right will be waived.
Applicant Signature

To the Recommender
Thank you for taking time to submit your recommendation to the Colorado School of Mines. Please complete the
How long have you known the applicant?
What is your relationship with the applicant? __________________________________________________________
What is the applicant’s overall capacity to succeed in his/her chosen graduate program in the following areas?
(Top=90%-100%, Above Average=75%-90%, Average=50%, Below Average=Less than 50%, Not Observed)
Problem Solving __________ Discipline __________ Teamwork __________ Creativity __________
The applicant’s technical knowledge in his/her proposed field is: __________________
(Top 1-2%, Top 5%, Top 10%, Top 25%, Average, Below Average, Not Observed)
International Applicants only
The applicant’s ability to effectively communicate and learn using the English language is: __________________________
(Proficient, Good general skills, Fair-has difficulty, Poor, Not Observed)
Attach Your Recommendation Letter
Your letter will be used to evaluate this applicant for admittance into his/her desired degree program and is a critical part of
the review process. Your remarks should be a candid evaluation of the applicant’s preparation for graduate study. We en-
courage you to include:
your opinion of the applicant’s academic and creative achievements, including material not apparent on the
the applicant’s technical knowledge in his/her chosen program
aspects of the applicant’s personality and character significant to graduate study and any special skills or
experience that would benefit him/her in their graduate program.
_________________________________________________________________________________ ________________
Recommender’s Signature


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