Volume 7, April 2011
Welcome By Jilu Jacob
Greetings from the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) collegiate
In the following articles, you will read more about the unique
section of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE)! This newslet-
events in which our section is involved and will understand the
ter details our most important activities and events of the 2010-
benefits of being part of in this great community. CSM SWE con-
2011 academic year. Our theme for this year is ―SWE Strong‖
tinues to hold weekly lunch meetings with speakers from diverse
which allows our members to focus their efforts on various as-
backgrounds, which allows our members to network with repre-
pects of becoming a strong engineer, a strong leader and a
sentatives from various engineering industries. We recognize that
strong woman. Some important highlights of our section include:
this would not be possible without the continued support of our
 Largest collegiate SWE section in the nation
corporate sponsors and we want to sincerely thank our sponsors
 Nearly 400 members
who have contributed to the success of our section. Thank you

for supporting, promoting and encouraging women in science,
Various networking, outreach, and social events
engineering and technology at Colorado School of Mines!
 Weekly meetings with speakers from industry
2010-2011 Officer Structure

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Colorado School of Mines
Professional Development
Evening With Industry By Fatima Azzahra El Azzouzi
Florence Caldwell
The 18th annual Evening With Industry took
a chemical engineer, as well as discussed

place on Monday, September 13, 2010, with
how engineers at her medical imaging com-
By Courtney Tamulis
over 250 attendees, including 85 company
pany contributed to changing patients’ lives
representatives. Evening With Industry is an
by creating anatomical models that assist
Florence Caldwell was the first woman to
established tradition of the CSM SWE sec-
surgeons in planning complex surgeries.
graduate from Colorado School of Mines in
tion. It is a professional networking event
Feedback about the event from an evalua-
1898 with a degree in civil engineering. To
where students mingle with recruiters and
tion survey included, in the words of one
celebrate her legacy, the Florence Caldwel
have dinner the night before the Fall Career
recruiter, ―Overall the event was excellent
Scholarship is annually awarded to
Fair. Mrs. Connie Cameron, President of
and I will definitely encourage the company
outstanding female SWE members at Mines.
ProtoMED, was the keynote speaker. She
to attend next year.‖
The 2010-2011 recipients were:
shared insights about her path to becoming
 Lauren Keiser
 Daryl McPadden
 Ruqaiya Musa Muhammed
 Lisa Truong
National Conference By Margo Game
The SWE Annual Conference was held in
The Colorado School of Mines collegiate
sunny Orlando, Florida, November 4-6,
section was awarded:
2010. SWE10 conference welcomed more
 "Outstanding Collegiate Section" - Silver
than 5,000 professional and collegiate mem-
bers from across the nation. The weekend
 "Outreach Memo of Understanding Part-
included professional and collegiate meet-
nership Award" - Large Collegiate Section
ings, enticing seminars on a variety of topics,
 "Best Collegiate Newsletter" - 2nd place
entertainment, sightseeing tours, the annual
SME bowl, and ended with a very special
 "Stilettos to Steel Toes" Program - $2000
evening, ―Celebrate SWE.‖
to section, $1000 to Region i
Officer Retreat By Catie Cox
Networking Reception
This year’s annual SWE Executive Officer Retreat took place in

June in the mountains near Estes Park, Colorado. During the
By Madeline Green
day, we barbequed, played ice-breaker games, and planned
SWE hosted its annual Networking Reception
the organization of our SWE section’s meetings and other busi-
on Monday, February 7, 2011, the evening
ness for the year. At night, we toasted marshmallows on the
before the CSM Spring Career Fair. Fifteen
campfire and had the pleasure of viewing the brilliant stars
companies and over 35 company representa-
over Colorado in a clear, cloudless sky. At the end of our week-
tives attended, as well as 45 SWE members.
end retreat, all the officers went for a hike with our faculty
The event was a great way for students to
advisors, Candy and Agata. The retreat was a productive and
network with company representatives and
enjoyable experience.
was a great success!
Regional Conference By Lyndsey Schaefer
The 2011 SWE Region i Conference was
portunity to attend several of the 20 themed
others in our region. We thank the partici-
held at Colorado School of Mines on March
conference sessions, the Career Fair, and
pants and company sponsors for supporting
4-5. The theme was ―I am Independent,
professional and collegiate meetings, includ-
the 2011 SWE Region i Conference!
Intellectual, Innovative, Inspirational, and of
ing a ―State of SWE‖ address delivered by
high Integrity.‖ There were nearly 190 stu-
SWE president elect, Melissa Tata, Dell Corp.
dent and professional participants, repre-
The regional conference ended with a ban-
senting almost 50 companies and 15 univer-
quet on Saturday night and a keynote ad-
sities. The conference began on Friday with
dress, ―Survival Tips for Working in Industry,‖
a casual dinner, entertainment, and an ice
presented by Marsha French, Senior Re-
cream social. The opening session on Satur-
search Associate at ExxonMobil, and the
day included a keynote address delivered by
presentation of Region i awards. This event
Jill Tietjen, President and CEO of Technically
offered female students and professionals in
Speaking, Inc.. Throughout the day on Sat-
the field of engineering the opportunity to
urday, conference participants had the op-
grow within their field and network with

Volume 7, April 2011
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Outreach and Special Events
Meetings & Events Schedule

8/31 – SWE Kick-off BBQ

Sponsored by Xcel Energy
Ice Cream Social

By Marissa Marin
9/1 – Welcome to SWE

Sponsored by BP
Every year, our SWE section recognizes faculty and
9/8 – Prepare for EWI/Career Day
staff members who have played an active and en-

Debra Lasich
couraging role in helping our members succeed, by
9/13 – Evening With Industry
hosting a Faculty Appreciation Ice Cream So-
9/15 – Outdoor Meeting and SWE
cial. SWE members are given the opportunity to
Photo Shoot
invite up to three faculty members whom they feel
9/22 – ―You know you need an
have been influential in making their experience at
attorney if…‖
CSM a positive one. During the social, everyone has

Susan Hendrick
lunch, socializes, and makes their own delicious ice
9/29 – ―Job Hunting Don’ts, and a
cream sundae.
Welcome Back BBQ
Few Dos‖

Dave Coates & Karen Garrison
By Lauren Keiser
10/6 – RMS Professional Panel
10/13 – Sarah Zarzecki
The annual SWE Welcome Back BBQ is held 10/20 – Chevron Lecture Luncheon
during the first week of classes and is a great 10/27 – Halloween Party
event to get the Mines community excited 11/3 – ―Making the Least of It:
about the upcoming year and becoming a
Working in Aerospace‖
By Marie Patton
member of SWE. Xcel Energy provided a deli-
Jessica Hahn
cious BBQ dinner, door prizes, and even raf- 11/4-6 — SWE National Conference
Building on the success of last year's social
fled off a number of gift cards to the students. 11/10 – ―Successful Women-
events, this year’s class dinners were once again
The Welcome Back BBQ is our largest recruit-
Working in the Energy
incorporated as a fun get-together for each class,
ment event and is meant to not only encour-
including officers and advisors. A new event added
age freshman and other potential members to
Celeste Koon
this year was a yoga night intended for members in
get involved in SWE, but to also show them 11/17 – Faculty Ice Cream Social
our section to have a blast and incorporate healthy
the opportunities that the section provides by 12/1 – ―The Concrete Industry‖
living into SWE activities. Another success was the
having the chance to network with Xcel En-
Brooke Smartz &
fourth annual SWE n' SKI event at Ski Cooper near
ergy representatives at the first event of the
Katie Bartojay
Leadville, CO. The event was once again co-hosted
12/8 – Holiday Cookie Party
by the CSM Alumni Association and SWE, and skiers,
12/15 – The Fall Continuum
boarders, mono-skiers participated and enjoyed the
1/12 – Welcome Back Meeting
mountain scenery. Thanks to the generosity of eve-
1/19 – ―Should You Go To Graduate
ryone involved, we met new people, shared lunch ,
and created memories to last longer than I-70 traffic

Dr. Mike Mooney
1/26 –‖ Successfully Juggling a Busy

Candy Sulzbach, P.E.
2/2 – Career Fair Fashion Show
Girl Scout Badge Day
2/5 – Girl Scout Badge Day
By Adrianna Torres
2/7 – Networking Reception
2/9 – Valentine’s Day Party
This year, over 130 local Girl Scouts participated
to be donated to a local food bank. The girls
2/16 – ―Getting Ready to Buy Your
in Girl Scout Badge Day on Saturday, February
also learned about Colorado School of Mines
First Home‖
5th. Nearly 50 volunteers from our SWE section
and different types of engineering from the

Cathy Schneider & Geary Dollar
helped with this event. They taught the girls
volunteers. Additionally, the girls took tours of
2/23 – What’s Next if I Don’t Want
about science and engineering with three
the campus, which included
to Leave School?‖
b a d g e s ,
― E n g i n e e r in g
E v e r y t h in g ,‖
visiting the Geology Museum.

Katy Keenan
―Construction Destruction,‖ and ―Making it Mat-
These Girl Scouts are the future
3/2 – Women’s History Luncheon
ter.‖ Each girl was asked to bring a can of food
of women in engineering!
3/4-5 – SWE Region i Conference
3/9 – Interactive Financial

Workshop -Jimmy Golden
3/23 – Karaoke Party
The Continuum
3/30–―‖Students & Negotiation: The
Cost of Not Asking‖
By Eryn Ammerman

Debra Lasich
4/6 – ―Holcim Competition: Sustain-
The Continuum is held each Fall and Spring semester the
able Construction‖
Wednesday before commencement ceremonies. This celebra-

Patrick Beseda & Eric Eisinger
tion was founded by a SWE member in 1999, and honors the
4/13 – Elections Preview
women graduating from Mines, past, present, and future. Ap-

4/20 – Top Tier Elections
proximately 150-200 people attend this event, including gradu-

4/27 – Second Tier Elections
ates, their families, students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It is a

5/4 – Awards Meeting
wonderful way to help congratulate all of the women who have

5/11 – The Spring Continuum
successfully made it through Colorado School of Mines.

2010-2011 Corporate Sponsors
Gold Level Donors
Silver Level Donors
Bronze Level
(Under $500)
2010 Evening With Industry Attendees
 Aera Energy LLC
 ConocoPhillips
 Merrick & Company
 ArcelorMittal
 Dow Chemical Company
 Newmont Mining Corp.
 ATK Aerospace Systems
 El Paso Corporation
 Olsson Associates
 Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
 Encana Oil and Gas
 Sierra Nevada Corporation
 Bechtel National Inc.
 Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel
 Southwestern Energy
 BHP Billiton
 ExxonMobil Corporation
 Tenaris

 Goldcorp Inc.
 Ulteig Engineers
 CH2MHill
 Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
 Verizon Wireless
 Chevron
 Hess Corporation
 Williams
 Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
 Marathon Oil
2011 Networking Reception Attendees
 Aera Energy LLC
 Solar Turbines
 ArcelorMittal
 National Renewable Energy
 URS Corporation
 CSM Graduate School
 Olsson Associates Consulting
 Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel
 Williams
 Rio Tinto
 Halliburton
 Xcel Energy
 Schlumberger
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