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Accepted Students - You're Invited to DISCOVER Mines!


Discover Mines Dates: 2/16/15 or 2/21/15


Discover Mines, a visitation program for accepted students, is held twice a year in the spring semester, by invitation. In addition to the program options for Preview Mines, Discover Mines also offers break-out sessions for you and your parents. We know how important your college choice is, so you’ll have the chance to ask questions about student life, academics, financial assistance and more. It is an ideal time to become more familiar with Colorado School of Mines, our students and our faculty.

Discover Mines Program Guide

Discover Mines Program Guide

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Discover Mines Mines Driving Directions

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Discover Mines Registration

  • It is necessary for all attendees to register for Discover Mines
  • The cost for the day is $20/person
  • Registration open until capacity is reached
  • If the above dates do not work please visit campus at your convenience

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