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Summer Multicultural Engineering Training Program



Summer Multicultural Engineering Training Program

The Summer Multicultural Engineering Training (SUMMET) is a science and engineering program designed for rising juniors and seniors who are from underrepresented populations to STEM, including ethnic minority, rural areas and women. It combines course work, hands-on projects, industry tours, sporting activities and social events.

SUMMET provides exposure to the lifestyle, opportunities and challenges of college to help build skills and experiences for a smooth transition in the future. SUMMET students join us from Colorado and Oklahoma and stay in Mines’ residence halls, experience life as a college student and participate in sessions such as trigonometry & calculus, chemistry, geology, computer science, physics and basic to advanced engineering concepts.

This program is available at no cost to the student. Transportation to and from Mines is not yet available.

We have two opportunities for you to attend SUMMET this year. The first program will take place June 11-23. The second event will take place July 23-August 4. Please indicate on the application which week you would like to attend.

Four Step Application Process

1. Click the application button below and submit an application by March 31.

SUMMET Program Application


2. Mail one letter of recommendation from a math teacher, science teacher, counselor, coach or community member.

  • Recommendations must be printed on official letterhead, signed and delivered to you in a sealed envelope and mailed with all the other materials below.
    • Recommendations must assess the student in each of the following areas:
      • Motivation toward education
      • Potential to pursue a science, engineering or math degree
      • Community outreach
      • Academic Achievements 
      • Outstanding qualities in leadership and scholarship

3. Meet a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.3, and mail High School Transcript.

4. Mail a two page essay that answers each of the following:

  • Why do you think you should be chosen to attend SUMMET?
  • Please list your school activities and why you chose to participate.
  • Please explain any community service involvement you have had and why you did so.
  • How do you expect to benefit from SUMMET?
  • Please describe a stressful situation you have encountered and how you handled it.

Please mail ONE complete packet, with the above (#2 - #4) and postmarked by Friday March, 31, 2017, to:

Colorado School of Mines
Admissions Office - SUMMET
1812 Illinois St. 
Golden, CO 80401

Packets are not acceptable by email or fax.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

All the best with the rest of the semester,

Louisa Duley
Assistant Director of Admissions


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