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Arthur Lakes Library supports the education and research goals of the Colorado School of Mines community and public by:

  • Providing access to electronic resources – more than 25,500 full-text electronic journals, more than 150 online databases and almost 12,000 electronic books. Last year, people used 166,000 electronic documents from our collections.
  • Providing access to print resources – 157,000 books and 6,400 Colorado School of Mines theses and dissertations. The average cost of a book purchased in 2008 was $80, and the typical engineering/applied science book costs $110. The average cost of an engineering journal is more than $2,000/year; we have approximately 4,425 print journals.
  • Providing a virtual gateway to the library and its resources – as the library’s website had more than five million hits in 2008. That’s approximately 425,000 hits per month on average.
  • Being a Federal Depository Library – with a collection of 500,000 government publications from the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency and more.
  • Providing access to maps – 209,000 maps including trail, topographic and geology maps.
  • Providing unique special collections – including the Mining History Archive, Ropeway Center and Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository.


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