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Graduate Areas of Interest

To explore the full array of graduate opportunities available at Mines, please select from one of the following four focus areas of interest:

Applied Science and Mathematics - Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Engineering Science, Geochemistry, Hydrology, Materials Science, Mathematics, Nuclear Engineering, Operations Research with Engineering, Physics, and Statistics.

Engineering - Chemical and Biological, Civil and Environmental, Electrical, Hydrology, Materials Science, Mechanical, Metallurgical and Materials, Nuclear Engineering, Operations Research with Engineering, and Underground Construction and Tunnel Engineering.

Geoscience and Resource Engineering - Geochemistry, Geology and Geological Engineering, Geophysics and Geophysical Engineering, Hydrology, Mining and Earth Systems Engineering, Operations Research with Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Underground Construction and Tunnel Engineering.

Social and Management Sciences - Engineering and Technology Management, Mineral and Energy Economics, Operations Research with Engineering, and Petroleum Economics and Management.

Why Mines?

When you attend Colorado School of Mines you become an integral member of a specialized research institution with high admission standards and a unique mission in energy, minerals, materials science and engineering, and associated engineering and science fields. You can be part of a community that interprets its mission through its dedication to generating new knowledge and educating students and professionals in the applied sciences, engineering and associated fields related to: 

  • the discovery and recovery of the Earth's resources
  • their conversion to materials and energy
  • their utilization in advanced processes and products,
  • the economic and social systems necessary to ensure their prudent and provident use in a sustainable global society
  • the preservation and stewardship of the Earth's environment.

Together we advance these areas with the conviction that future infrastructural and societal developments are dependent upon the availability of energy, the sustainable development of the Earth’s resources, the synthesis of materials, and the environmental consequences of these processes and their interactions. At Mines, we believe these inherently related focus areas represent not only extraordinarily fertile ground on which to base the strategic development of the institution, but they also embrace our responsibility to attract, shape and provide engineering and scientific talent to help address the technological and societal challenges implied.

Our renowned reputation, attained through the tremendous work of our students, faculty and staff, our high admission standards, and our alumni network combine to give you an edge in the job market. Mines boasts strong master's and professional degrees that are valued as more than simple stepping-stones to a doctoral degree. You are able to pursue degree offerings including: Master of Engineering; Master of Science; Professional Master; and Doctor of Philosophy. More than 96 percent of the recipients of Mines' master's and professional degrees find employment by graduation. More than 70 percent of these are employed in industry, with the remainder employed by governmental agencies or matriculating into doctoral degree programs.

With an annual research budget of more than $55 million and a faculty that has pioneered numerous advances in a wide range of technical fields the opportunity for you to conduct innovative research is virtually unlimited. You are able to work hand-in-hand with researchers at Mines and from around the world on both applied and academic research problems. Close proximity to a number of governmental research facilities such as the U.S. Geological Survey, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology provides you unparalleled access to a wide variety of scholars, facilities and research opportunities.

Highlighted Graduate Opportunities and Degree Programs

  • Underground Construction & Tunnel Engineering (UCTE) . UCTE specializes in education and research for the design and construction of tunnels and underground space. Advanced rock and soil mechanics; tunnel design; excavation methods; cutting edge industry-focused research. UCTE Degree Program Overview. Center for UC&T.
  • ORWE - Interdisciplinary PhD Degree Program in Operations Research with Engineering. The ORWE Interdisciplinary PhD Program allows students to complete an interdisciplinary doctoral-level degree by taking courses and conducting research in the following departments/divisions: Applied Math & Statistics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Economics & Business, Mining Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Metallurgical & Materials Engineering.
  • REMRSEC - Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (REMRSEC). The National Science Foundation sponsored REMRSEC at the Colorado School of Mines, with participation of researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), is focused on renewable energy transformative materials science and education initiatives.
  • Nuclear Engineering - Traditional Nuclear Engineering programs focus on reactor design and operations. The Nuclear Science and Engineering program at Mines stresses the nuclear fuel life cycle. Faculty participating in the program have the breadth of expertise to address all aspects of the nuclear fuel life cycle; from fuel exploration and processing, through nuclear power systems production, design and operation, to fuel recycling, storage and waste remediation and radiation damage and the policy issues surrounding each of these activities.

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