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Degrees Offered
 Metallurgical and Materials
M.E., M.S.,
Enrollment Details
Participating Staff
   Academic Faculty  22
Admissions Information
   GRE General Test is required
   GRE Subject Test is not required
   TOEFL exam is required (international)
Admissions Statistics
   Average GRE Quantitative  155
   Average GRE Verbal  152
   Average GPA (4.0 scale)  3.85
   Percent applicants accepted  26%

The Metallurgical and Materials program emphasizes strong materials engineering fundamentals ranging from the microscopic to the macroscopic scale. You will be exposed to the most advanced science and engineering principles important for understanding the processing and properties of materials. The primary areas of foucs : physical and mechanical metallurgy, ceramic engineering, and physiochemical processing of materials.

All accepted students are provided funding through teaching and research assistantships. TA and RA contracts typically cover tuition, fees and a monthly stipend for one academic year, the majority of which are awarded in the fall. The academic departments award all fellowships and assistantships in conjunction with the admissions review process. You are encouraged to apply by the deadline to receive thorough consideration for funding.

Federal student loans are also available to give graduate students additional funding beyond any assistantships and fellowships they might receive.

Degree Programs

  • Master of Engineering in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • Master of Science in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering


There are tremendous opportunities for researchers in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering programs at Mines to meet the exciting demands for the development and processing of new materials and to extend the range of service and application of existing and traditional materials. Graduate students in materials at Mines actively participate in six research centers on the Mines campus. The following centers promote interaction between students and faculty from different departments and interested scientists and engineers from industry and government agencies:


Erin Stoll, Graduate Education Specialist
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303-273-3660


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