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Mines Leadership

Paul C. Johnson

Ms. Heather Boyd
Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management

Dr. Tom Boyd
Interim Provost

Dr. Anthony Dean
Senior Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer

Mr. Michael Dougherty
Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Mr. Michael Erickson
Chief Information Officer

Dr. Daniel Fox
Vice President of Student Life

Dr. Ramona Graves
Dean, College of Earth Resource Sciences and Engineering

Mr. Peter Han
Chief of Staff and Vice President for External Relations

Mr. David Hansburg
Director of Athletics

Dr. Michael Kaufman
Dean, College of Applied Science and Engineering

Jake Kupiec
Executive Director of Communications and Marketing

Ms. Debra Lasich
Associate Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

Dinesh Mehta
Faculty Senate President

Dr. Nigel Middleton
Senior Vice President for Strategic Enterprises

Dr. Kevin Moore
Dean, College of Engineering and Computational Sciences

Ms. Vicki Nichol
Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning and Budget

Dr. Tina Voelker
Interim Dean of Graduate Studies

Ms. Kirsten Volpi
Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration

Ms. Anne Walker
General Counsel

Mr. Brian Winkelbauer
President and Chief Operating Officer, Colorado School of Mines Foundation

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