Mines hosts major International Astroparticle Physics Symposium

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Mines hosts major International Astroparticle Physics Symposium

GOLDEN, Colo., May 2, 2008 – Colorado School of Mines will host the International Astroparticle Physics Symposium: The High Energy Frontier, May 6-8.

The gathering will bring together more than 120 scientists from 19 countries to discuss recent developments in astroparticle physics.

Mines local organizers Fred Sarazin and Lawrence Wiencke referred to astroparticles – subatomic particles traveling across our universe at velocities nearing the speed of light – as the “messengers of the high-energy universe”

“A new era of multi-messenger particle astronomy is dawning, opening a new window to the universe. The time is right for experimenters and theorists to examine the state of the field and look toward its future,” said Sarazin.

The program includes plenary sessions by invited speakers summarizing the state of the art in high-energy astroparticle physics. In total, more than 75 presentations will be delivered during the symposium. A panel discussion on future observatories, including the northern Auger Observatory planned to be located in southeastern Colorado will conclude the symposium.

Among the leading scientists attending the symposium are 1980 Nobel prize-winner Jim Cronin, 2008 Panofsky prize-winner Pierre Sokolsky, and Alan Watson, fellow of the Royal Society and co-founder (with Jim Cronin) of the Pierre Auger observatory.

For more information, visit the symposium website: http://iaps.mines.edu.

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