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Jessica ~ Freshman

"Hey guys! I’m Jessica D. Currently, I’m in the second semester of my freshman year at Colorado School of Mines.

So, a little bit about myself. I’m a Colorado native and love math and science (hence, Mines). I also love writing, random adventures and being surrounded by friends. Here I’ll share all of my crazy adventures at Mines."

Kathryn's Blog

Kathryn ~ Freshman


My name is Kathryn and I am in my second semester here at Mines.  I hope you read up and discover what it is that will make you fall in love with this school just like I have."

Katerina's Blog

Katerina ~ Junior

"What can I say? Another average Mines geek, though hardly stereotypical. As a baseball enthusiast, geo-nerd, coffee and internet addict, award winning procrastinator, and follower of Jesus, I'm managing to survive the sometimes difficult adventure that is college. These are my blatherings."

Aly's Blog

Aly ~ Freshman

"Hey there! I'm Aly, and I'm a second semester freshman at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. I'm originally from Anchorage, Alaska, and am absolutely loving it here in Colorado. Mines is definitely the place for me, and I can't picture myself studying anywhere else!  

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!"              

Matt's Blog

Matt ~ Freshman

"Hello, My name Is Matt Craig. This is my second semester here at Mines, and I absolutely love it! My favorite part is definitely the friends that I’ve made, because, whether I like it or not, they are going to be my friends for the rest of my life! So future minions, choose wisely!"

Amber's Blog

Amber ~ Freshman

"I am currently a freshman at the Colorado School of Mines. I came to Mines from Pueblo, CO (a two hour drive south from Golden for those of you not from CO). I’m crazy adventurous and happy most of the time. I live on a Visual and Performing Arts hall, so that explains why I’m singing all the time. I consider myself a very active person because I enjoy playing tennis, rock climbing, throwing the frisbee, in addition to many other activities. On campus I’m involved in SWE and Student Government. I am going to school to be a person who works with rocks, but I’m not exactly sure what that title will be. Mining Engineer? Geologist? Geological Engineering? Geophysicist? I don’t know yet, but I’m excited to see where my journey is going to take me."


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