Student Activities and Organizations

You've attended class, studied, passed your exam. It's time to unwind, and here's how.

The Student Activities Office invites you to participate in over 180 student clubs and organizations. You can continue a hobby, or try something new. 

Be involved. 

Mines students are active when they're not in class. Join your floor mates for a trip to Denver to see a sporting event or go to the symphony. Join the Kayak Club and take a trip down Clear Creek, or walk the creek to pick up trash and recycle for Earthworks. Attend a Friday Afternoon Club or participate in the marching band. Join the chorus. Write articles for the student newspaper. Try ballroom dancing, badminton, rugby, rock club or robotics. Want more choices? Check us out — we have plenty.

Join an academic or professional society. 

Mines is well known for its active student groups and supportive societies on campus.

Campaign for a leadership role in the Associated Students of Colorado School of Mines (student government) or be an officer on the Mines Activity Council. Join the professional society in your academic major.

Explore diversity with one of our numerous international and cultural organizations on campus. The Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) supports four ethnic minority professional societies on campus. And with students from all over Colorado, the United States and the world, you can attend numerous events on campus celebrating diverse cultures, race, politics, religion and more. Women and men can join the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). With nearly 400 members, Mines SWE section is the largest collegiate chapter in the United States.

If you don’t see it, start it. To learn more and see a complete list of clubs and organizations, visit Student Activities.




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