Faculty Awards

Academic Affairs seeks nominations for the following academic awards for the upcoming year:

  • The Mines Teaching Award (Teaching Faculty)
  • The Mines Teaching Award (Tenured or Tenure-Track faculty)
  • The Board of Trustees’ Outstanding Faculty Award
  • The Alfred E. Jenni Teaching Fellowship
  • Faculty Excellence Award
  • W.M. Keck Mentorship Awards
  • Excellence in Research Awards (Junior and Senior Faculty)

Anyone may nominate a faculty member. To do so, submit a 1-2 page memo to Academic Affairs, which includes

  • Name of the nominee and department/division
  • Which of the awards above you are nominating the candidate for
  • Why the individual’s profile/accomplishments fit the award and what kind of data would be supplied to support the nomination, if a full dossier is requested by the Faculty Awards Committee.
  • Candidate CV (in addition to the 1-2 page memo)

Nominations are due to Academic Affairs generally by mid-December.

Information on the awards can be found in Section 8 of the Academic Affairs Procedures Manual. Once received, the Faculty Awards committee will review the 1-2 page nominations and decide if a full dossier will be requested of the nominee’s department head/division director. Dossiers for each award should then be submitted to Academic Affairs (date to be determined).


2021-22Jenni Fellowship (22-23)Justin ShafferCBE
2021-22Faculty ExcellenceTom WilliamsCS
2021-22Mines Teaching - T/TTReza HedayatCEE
2021-22Mines Teaching - TFChris CoulstonEE
2021-22Mines Teaching - TFChris Painter-WakefieldCS
2021-22Senior Research ExcellenceTzahi CathCEE
2021-22Junior Research ExcellenceHao ZhangCS
2021-22Mentorship Award (UG Students)Tom WilliamsCS
2021-22Mentorship Award (Grad Students)Allyce HoranWriting Center
2021-22Mentorship Award (Faculty/Staff)Angus RockettMME
2021-22BOT AwardGerald BourneMME
2020-21Jenni Fellowship (21-22)Paula FarcaHASS
2020-21Faculty ExcellenceKarin LeidermanAMS
2020-21Mines Teaching - T/TTBruce TrudgillGE
2020-21Mines Teaching - TFRachel MorrishCBE
2020-21Senior Research ExcellenceRobert BraunME
2020-21Junior Research ExcellenceMohsen Asle ZaeemME
2020-21Mentorship Award (UG Students)Gerald BourneMME
2020-21Mentorship Award (Grad Students)Stephen PankavichAMS
2020-21Mentorship Award (Faculty/Staff)Deb CarneyAMS
2020-21Mentorship Award (Faculty/Staff)Michael MikuckiAMS
2020-21Mentorship Award (Faculty/Staff)Mike NicholasAMS
2020-21BOT AwardNone
2019-20Jenni Fellowship (20-21)Mirna MattjikEDS
2019-20Faculty ExcellenceMelissa KrebsCBE
2019-20Mines Teaching - T/TTKevin CashCBE
2019-20Mines Teaching - TFAlex FlournoyPH
2019-20Senior Research ExcellenceYu-Shu WuPE
2019-20Junior Research ExcellenceNanette BoyleCBE
2019-20Junior Research ExcellenceKarin LeidermanAMS
2019-20Mentorship Award
(UG Students)
Colin TerryStudent Life
2019-20Mentorship Award (Grad Students)Karin LeidermanAMS
2019-20Mentorship Award (Grad Student)Cecilia Diniz BehnAMS
2019-20Mentorship Award (Faculty/Staff)Kim WilliamsCH
2019-20BOT AwardC. Josh RameyCBE
2018-19Jenni Fellowship (19-20)None
2018-19Faculty ExcellenceCorinne PackardMME
2018-19Mines Teaching - T/TTBill NavidiAMS
2018-19Mines Teaching - TFDeb CarneyAMS
2018-19Senior Research ExcellenceLincoln CarrPH
2018-19Junior Research ExcellenceVladan StevanovicMME
2018-19Junior Research ExcellenceJonathan SharpCEE
2018-19Mentorship Award (UG Student)Kristine CallanPH
2018-19Mentorship Award (Grad Student)Kathryn JohnsonEE
2018-19Mentorship Award (Grad Student)Diane WittersGP
2018-19Mentorship Award (Faculty)Kamini SinghaGE
2018-19BOT AwardTracy GardnerCBE
2017-18Jenni Fellowship (18-19)Tracy GardnerCBE
2017-18Faculty ExcellenceGeoff BrenneckaMME
2017-18Mines Teaching - T/TTCecilia Diniz-BehnAMS
2017-18Mines Teaching - TFGus GreivelAMS
2017-18Senior Research ExcellenceAndrew HerringCBE
2017-18Junior Research ExcellenceAlexis SitchlerGE
2017-18Junior Research ExcellenceChristopher HigginsCEE
2017-18Mentorship AwardAndrés GuerraCEE
2017-18Mentorship AwardTerry LoweMME
2017-18Mentorship AwardDeb Lasich
2017-18BOT AwardJeff SquierPH
2016-17Jenni Fellowship (17-18)None
2016-17Dean's ExcellenceKamini SinghaGE
2016-17Mines Teaching - T/TTStephen PankavichAMS
2016-17Mines Teaching - TFKristine CallanPH
2016-17Senior Research ExcellenceReed Maxwell GE
2016-17Junior Research ExcellentAaron StebnerME
2016-17BOT AwardRebecca Swanson AMS
2015-16Jenni Fellowship (16-17)Kip FindleyMME
2015-16Jenni Fellowship (16-17)John PersichettiCBE
2015-16Dean's ExcellenceCarolyn KohCBE
2015-16Alumni Teaching - T/TTAmanda HeringAMS
2015-16Alumni Teaching - TFCyndi RaderCS
2015-16Senior Research ExcellenceBob KeeME
2015-16Junior Research ExcellenceEric TobererPH
2015-16BOT AwardNone
2014-15Jenni Fellowship (15-16)Junko Munakata-MarrCEE
2014-15Dean's ExcellenceLincoln CarrPH
2014-15Alumni Teaching - T/TTMatt LiberatoreCBE
2014-15Alumni Teaching - TFPatrick KohlPH
2014-15Senior Research ExcellenceTracy Camp CS
2014-15Junior Research ExcellenceRyan O'HayreMME
2014-15BOT AwardTony LeftonHASS
2013-14Jenni Fellowship (14-15)None
2013-14Dean's ExcellencePaul MartinAMS
2013-14Alumni Teaching - T/TTJohn HumphreyGE
2013-14Alumni Teaching - TFSandra Woodson HASS
2013-14Senior Research ExcellenceJohn Speer MME
2013-14Junior Research ExcellenceMichael WakinCS
2013-14Partner in Philanthropy AwardSteven SonnenbergGE
2013-14BOT AwardNone
2012-13Jenni Fellowship (13-14)None
2012-13Dean's Excellence AwardColin WoldenCBE
2012-13Alumni Teaching - T/TTDan KnaussCH
2012-13Alumni Teaching - TFScott StrongAMS
2012-13Senior Research ExcellenceReuben CollinsPH
2012-13Junior Research ExcellenceCristian CiobanuME
2012-13BOT AwardNone
2011-12Jenni Fellowship (12-13)Gus GreivelAMS
2011-12Dean's ExcellenceIvar ReimanisMME
2011-12Alumni Teaching - T/TTRyan O'HayreMME
2011-12Alumni Teaching - TFTerry BridgemanAMS
2011-12BOT AwardCarl MitchamHASS
2010-11Jenni Fellowship (11-12)Matt LiberatoreCBE
2010-11Dean's ExcellenceDouglas Way CBE
2010-11Alumni Teaching - T/TTRonald MillerCBE
2010-11Alumni Teaching - TFVince KuoPH
2010-11BOT AwardCandace SulzbachCEE
2009-10Jenni Fellowship (10-11)Jon LeydensHASS
2009-10Dean's ExcellenceUwe GriefePH
2009-10Alumni Teaching - T/TTPatrick McCarthyCH
2009-10Alumni Teaching - TFTracy GardnerCBE
2009-10BOT AwardNone
2008-09Jenni Fellowship (09-10)None
2008-09Dean's ExcellenceDendy SloanCBE
2008-09Alumni Teaching - T/TTJames McNeilPH
2008-09Alumni Teaching - TFRavel AmmermanEB
2008-09BOT AwardNone
2007-08Jenni Fellowship (08-09)Cathy SkokanHASS
2007-08Dean's ExcellenceAnthony DeanCBE
2007-08Alumni Teaching - T/TTNeal SullivanME
2007-08Alumni Teaching - TFNone
2007-08BOT AwardThomas FurtakPH
2006-07Jenni Fellowship (07-08)None
2006-07Dean's ExcellenceDavid MarrCBE
2006-07Alumni TeachingMark LuskPH
2006-07BOT AwardTracy CampCS
2005-06Jenni Fellowship (06-07)None
2005-06Dean's ExcellenceJeff SquierPH
2005-06Alumni TeachingRic WendlandtGE
2005-06BOT AwardDavid MatlockMME
2004-05Jenni Fellowship (05-06)Paul SantiGE
2004-05Dean's ExcellenceJohn SpeerME
2004-05Alumni Teaching - T/TTTodd RuskellPH
2004-05Alumni Teaching - TFSam RombergerGE
2004-05BOT AwardNone
2003-04Jenni Fellowship (04-05)Barb MoskalEE
2003-04Dean's ExcellenceBob KeeME
2003-04Alumni TeachingOgur OzbayMN
2002-03Dean's ExcellenceKent VoorheesCH
2002-03Alumni TeachingBarb MoskalEE
2001-02Dean's ExcellenceEd CecilHASS
2001-02Alumni TeachingEileen PoeterGE
2000-01Dean's ExcellenceDavid MatlockME
2000-01Alumni TeachingHugh KingCBE
2000-01BOT AwardBob BaldwinCBE
1999-00Dean's ExcellenceReuben CollinsPH
1999-00Alumni TeachingBarbara BathAMS
1999-00BOT AwardNigel MiddletonEE