Request to Engage in Additional Professional Work Forms

There are three types of additional work request forms:

  1. Request to Engage in Professional Consulting Form (PDF) | (Word)
  2. Request to Engage in Non-Professional, External Commitment Form (PDF) | (Word)
  3. Request to Perform Extra Mines Services for Additional Remuneration Form (PDF) | (Word)

Please see the Mines Faculty Handbook (Section 6.4) for information regarding the purpose and use of each of these forms.

The completed form, signed by the employee and their department head, should be forwarded to their respective dean for review and approval. Forms needing executive approval will be forwarded to Academic Affairs. Executed copies of these forms will be distributed by the Dean’s Office

If payment from Mines is due to the employee after completion of the work, the employee should complete an Additional Payment Request Form. This form is to be submitted to initiate payment by Mines for additional work when an individual is already an employee of the school.