Employee Benefits

As a Mines employee, you are eligible to participate in a wide range of benefits. Many benefits are the same among all employment classifications, but some depend on the type of position you hold and percentage of full time.


Summary of Benefits

 Academic, Administrative, Library, Athletics, and Research Faculty Benefits

Classified Employee Benefits 

Temporary Faculty, Graduate Students, and Residence Hall Assistant Benefits


Benefits Inclusive of All Mines Employees:

Effective January 1, 2017, Mines is implementing a new retirement plan for most newly-hired faculty members, the Mines Defined Contribution Plan.  Employees and Mines will both make a fixed contribution to the plan.  Contributions will be allocated to individual employee accounts and employees will direct their own investments.  Employees will have a variety of investment options from which to choose.  The plan is Mines’substitute for Social Security.


Current Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) – All Non-Student Employment

PERA is currently Mines’ substitute for Social Security for all non-student employees.  All Colorado School of Mines employees, regardless of employment classification, are PERA Defined Benefit Plan members.  Effective January 1, 2017, PERA will remain the retirement option for all of Mines’ State of Colorado Classified employees.  For more information on PERA, visit www.copera.org.

Mines Dependent Tuition Reduction Benefit
Dependents of eligible employees may attend Colorado School of Mines at a reduced tuition rate.  The amount of the tuition reduction under this benefit is up to 50 percent of in-state tuition. In compliance with I.R.S. rules, the benefit applies to undergraduates only.
Dependent Tuition Reduction Application

Dependent Tuition Reduction Process and FAQs


Leave Sharing Bank Program

Any employee of the Colorado School of Mines with at least one year of service is eligible to participate in the Leave Sharing Bank Program.  

Employees may donate annual leave to be used by a qualifying employee experiencing a catastrophic medical hardship, either personally or by an immediate family member, in order to provide some income protection when the employee would be absent from work for a prolonged period of time and has exhausted all annual and sick leave.  For more information please contact the Benefits Manager at extension 3052. 
Leave Sharing Bank Application

Voluntary Retirement Plans

Public employees may participate in optional voluntary retirement plans which supplement the mandatory PERA contributions. All employees are eligible to participate in the PERAPlus 457 Deferred Compensation Plan and PERAPlus 401(k) plan.  Additionally, employees at Mines may voluntarily participate in 403(b) tax-sheltered annuity plans.

Current 403(b) vendors are:

contact:  Lorraine Vicino,  303-758-7800

AXA Equitable
contact:  Jonathan Hume, 303-995-2661
contact:  1-800-842-2776

Valic Retirement Services
contact:  Marla Stevens:  800.892.5558 Ext 89486

In addition to contacting a vendor for enrollment, employees need to notify Payroll of enrollment or changes to retirement plans.  The Tax Sheltered Annuity Enrollment/Change Form can be submitted directly to Payroll for processing.

Paid Holidays

The State of Colorado establishes 11 holidays for all government institutions. Rules provide for agencies to adopt an alternative holiday schedule. Mines observes an alternative holiday schedule, which generally provides employees time off between Christmas and New Year’s, as well as other holidays throughout the year.

Discounts and Services

Other discounts and services available to employees are:

Work-Life Discounts

Credit Union of Colorado

Employee Assistance Program

Dining Facilities

Library Access

Student Recreation Center Membership

Bookstore Discounts


Resources are available to those who may be under the stress of the economy:  Financial and Food Assistance

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Mines HIPAA Policy and Procedures
This benefits overview page is intended as a general description of the benefit plans and programs available to Colorado School of Mines employees. The amount and availability of benefits is governed by one or more of the following:  plan documents for each plan, state statute, state personnel rules, or Mines policies and procedures.  Any conflict between the content of this overview shall be governed by applicable plan documents, statutes, rules, policies and procedures.  Colorado School of Mines reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate these benefits at any time to the extent permitted by law. This information does not constitute an agreement of employment or guarantee any particular benefit.