Geophysical Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree

Geophysical Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Geophysical Engineering program educates undergraduates to help meet global needs for energy, water, food, minerals and the mitigation of natural hazards by exploring and illuminating the dynamic processes of the Earth, oceans, atmosphere and solar system. Using a combination of mathematics, physics, geology, chemistry, hydrology and computer science, students will learn how to analyze the planet’s complex interior, inferring the properties and processes within from measurements collected at the surface, in boreholes and from aircraft and satellites. Graduates are prepared to play a role in providing resources for a growing population, mitigating the threat of earthquakes, volcanoes and other geohazards, exploring other planets and more.

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Program Objectives:

  1. Graduates will be competent professionals who are capable of independent and innovative problem solving, are skilled in scientific computing and are working to address important Earth, energy, and /or environmental problems.
  2. Graduates will be effective oral and written communicators with exceptional team skills which will allow them to grow in their careers and in professional societies.
  3. Graduates will recognize economic and social impacts of their work and will have the ability to communicate this to a range of stakeholders (e.g. management, public, peers)

Geophysics Curriculum


Available Minors

  • Geophysical Engineering

Career options for geophysical engineering majors:

  • Geophysical engineer
  • Teaching geophysics
  • Field researcher
  • Lab analyst

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