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Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Training and Guidelines

Core Principles of Accessibility

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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Overview

Quick Accessibility Checklist

  • Meaningful Alt Text: appropriate, equivalent alt text for all images used to convey meaning
  • Keyboard accessibility: fully navigable and operational with keyboard alone
  • Focus order: navigation order of links and form elements are in logical order
  • Use of color: check contrast between background and text, make sure color is not the only way to show differences. Click here to test color contrast
  • Bypass Blocks: user must be able to recover from errors and have direct access to webpage’s primary content by creating “SKIP TO MAIN CONTENT” link at top of page
  • Semantic markup: provide appropriate headings and labels
  • Caption all videos, GIFs, and audio
  • Use a screenreader like NVDA or VoiceOver to check if you can access all information with your eyes closed by tabbing or using arrow keys