Budget Information

Budget Data Books

The Budget Data Book is an annual summary of the University’s state-funded revenues and expenditures. This report is submitted annually to the Colorado Department of Higher Education.


The Budget Committee shall be responsible for gathering and analyzing appropriate data regarding the budgetary requirements of CSM, preparing proposed annual budgets for CSM, preparing proposed budgetary revisions from time to time, and advising the President and the CSM administration on budgetary matters and long-range fiscal planning.

The appointed membership of the Budget Committee shall consist of two academic department heads, three full-time academic faculty members, and one full-time administrative faculty member. One of the academic faculty members must be a Faculty Senator and shall serve as a representative of the Faculty Senate. Additionally, the Provost, the Executive Vice President for Administration and Operations, the Vice President for Student Life, and the Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer shall serve as voting, ex officio committee members. The Executive Director of the CSM Foundation shall serve as a non-voting, ex officio committee member.

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