Lost and found information

Lost and found information



If you have lost an item, began searching in the area you remember having it last. If you are still unable
to locate your item please contact the Mines Police Department at 303-273-3333.
Most buildings on campus have lost and found sites. However, the Mines Police Department is the central
repository for lost and found for items of value. Items of value may include state-issued identification,
cell phones, electronic devices, keys, campus keys, money, credit cards, wallets, jewelry, prescription
eye glasses, etc..


Items of value should be brought to the Mines Police Department as soon as possible. You may turn the
item in directly to the Mines Police Department located at 1400 Maple Street, Suite 118, in the McNeil
Hall. Or you can call us and an officer can meet you to pick up the item. Please note that due to other
priority calls the officer response may be delayed.

**Note: we do not accept water bottles, clothing

Items of a lesser monetary value such as notebooks, books, water bottles, gloves, hats, and other
clothing items should be placed in the building lost and found.
The Mines Police Department is located at 1400 Maple Street, Suite 118, in McNeil Hall. If you are not
able to bring the item to our facility you may call the police department and request a police officer to
assist you. Please note that due to other priority calls the officer response may be delayed.

Claiming an Item

Items are held at the police department for only 90 days. Items not claimed within 90 days of recovery
are considered abandoned and will be disposed or donated. Items can be retrieved from the Mines
Police Department by calling or visiting our office. If you need to pick up an item after hours, it is best to
call our office to set up a time when an is available to meet you at the Police Department.
To claim an item, you will need the following:

1. Valid Identification (at least one): Driver’s License, Student ID, Employee ID, Passport, other
Photo ID.
2. Proof of Ownership (at least one): Purchase receipt, description of item in detail.


Before your item is lost

For items that have identifying numbers, record MAKE, MODEL, and/or SERIAL NUMBER along
with WHEN and WHERE purchased.
All items that can be carried, such as electronics, computers, folders, books, notebooks, etc., should
have a full phone number and/or e-mail address on a small piece of paper placed on the back of the
item. Cover the paper with clear tape if needed to keep the information protected.




Contact Us

1400 Maple Street, Suite 118
Golden, CO 80401
Fax: 303-384-2214

Administrative Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

After Hours

An on-duty Mines Police Officer can be reached by calling 303-273-3333, option 5, or by calling the JeffCom911 Regional Dispatch Center at 303-980-7300 or 9-1-1

Chief/Director: Dustin Olson

Commander: Dave Cillessen

Sergeant: Patrick Bahl

Sergeant: Bejamin Eisentraut

Detective: Bryann Lynch

Office Manager: Candy Olivarri