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Farm Irrigation in Haiti


The community of La Victoire, Haiti is building a farm to provide food for it residents. The Haiti Irrigation Team (HIT) was tasked with designing an irrigation system to ensure the variety of crops and animals on the farm obtain their water needs throughout the year. Additionally, HIT was tasked with designing a filtration system to provide clean and accessible drinking water.

HIT has designed a system that conveys water from the River Goape to a storage tank and respective irrigation and filtration systems. The irrigation system is a mid-pressure drip system, allowing for scheduled and continuous watering of crops. The filtration system includes mechanical filtration and ozone disinfection to treat the water to EPA drinking water standards. The clean drinking water will be held in a small storage tank where residents can collect water as needed. The overall system will be powered by a solar array that builds off a previous Senior Design team’s project in La Victoire.

This project accomplishes more than water needs for crops, animals, and the population; this project incorporates community interests and knowledge to improve the quality of life in La Victoire. Ultimately, the project provides a functional and sustainable solution for the community.

Team Members

  • Bijan Chamanbahar

  • Zoe Gregoire

  • Cooper Henry

  • Carson Introligator

  • Ciara O’Grady

  • Allison Palmer

  • Zane Prose

  • Linus Stroik

  • Grant te Velde

The Client

  • Engineering for Hope


Project Advisors: Dr. Alina Handorean and Dr. Marie Stettler Kleine

Donations Made by: Engineering for Hope