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Innovation Hub Guide Robot


Our team was tasked to develop a robot that can guide visitors through the new Labriola Innovation Hub building autonomously while interacting with them via visual and audio interfaces. The robot will be able to navigate to a chosen point and communicate the features in the building.

Our solution uses a depth sensing stereo camera that provides distances to objects within the camera’s field of view.  Using a pre-trained support vector machine, our object detection program can determine if objects in the path of the robot are humans or not. This allows different behaviors when people are detected.  As a result, the robot can ask people to move out of the way but will automatically go around objects that are not human.  A fuzzy logic control algorithm is used to autonomously control the robot, achieving object detection and navigation to the next tour location with one controller.  The robot is comprised of an aluminum base, sheet metal body, and 3D printed exterior that is Mines themed.  It has an adjustable tablet mounted for users of all heights. It has a safe charging mode and is easily accessible for maintenance, allowing it to run and give tours for a whole day before needing to be plugged in.

Team Members

  • Harrison Baer       

  • Samuel Bair

  • Samuel Clay 

  • Hunter Carlson

  • Andrew Davis

  • Dylan Eck

  • Noah Kuzma

  • Matthew Leehan

  • Emma Peterson

  • Jakob Pigati

  • Josh Thompson

  • Julian Reynolds

  • Kyle Sanchez

  • Conall Saxena

The Client

  • Yosef Allam

  • Colorado School of Mines


Project Advisors: Scott Wrenick and Yosef Allam

Donations Made by: Yosef Allam and Colorado School of Mines