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Smart Energy Monitoring Optimization


Save money! (And save the planet too!)

Electricity is becoming more expensive, variably priced, and, according to the EPA, the electricity sector generates 25% of CO2 emissions in the United States. Power companies are installing smart monitors and pushing responsibility and costs onto everyday users. EIA data shows certain regions have 30%-plus price increases. In Denver, your afternoon electricity costs will double this summer!

Smart Energy Monitoring arms consumers with information and control over their energy usage. This project passively monitors electric current on every circuit using low-cost current transformers. The result is that consumers have more accurate data on costs and usage down to the circuit level, and the ability to turn those circuits on and off or set them to timers. All from a smart phone, tablet, or a computer! This information could save money, save energy, and even diagnose when a particular circuit or appliance is misbehaving.

Unlike existing monitoring systems from companies such as Kasa and BN-Link, this project works at the breaker box level and handles the control and data capture in one place. In addition, consumers control their data. Information is power and this product gives consumers better, actionable information about usage and costs while retaining privacy.

Team Members

  • Brent Misare

  • Nicklaus Zimkas

  • Perry Rodenbeck

  • Brett P. Shearer

The Client

  • Dr. Werner Kuhr, Director
  • Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Project Advisors: Kelly Pickering, Darren McSweeney, and Dr. Chris Coulston

Donations Made by: Dr. Werner Kuhr, Director Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation