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Career Fair Plus – enhancing your career days experience

The Colorado School of Mines has partnered with Career Fair Plus to provide more opportunities to build connections between students and employers and meet a variety of needs as we continue to host both in-person and virtual events.

As a student, this platform will allow you to view attending companies in advance of the fair, filter by your specifications to find employers and positions who fit your interests, take notes, view the booth map, and more, from either a phone app or web-based portal. 

As a recruiter, for in-person events this gives you the opportunity to ensure your company is seen ahead of time which better showcases your business by allowing students to read about your services and view your website in advance. For the virtual fair, you will be able to build schedules to have 1:1 or group meetings, and when students book a time you will have access to their profile including their uploaded resumes.


Download the Career Fair Plus app from your app store today or using the QR code below, and start exploring the events showcased under Mines! Click the following options to review additional information and resources.

Career Fair Plus - Introduction

Introduction Video – Click here 

Career Fair Plus Walkthrough – Click here

Employer Resources

For in-person programs such as our in-person Career Day, Career Fair Plus will be used as a supplemental tool. You will not need to build a booth or do anything extra, the platform will pull your company’s information straight from your DiggerNet registration and company profile! If you need to make changes, just let us know. You can download the app or access the programs online and see who else will be attending. We will provide you with your booth number on the day of your arrival, as this is subject to change prior to the day of the event. You can check out this document to see how to access the web portal, and this document on how to access the app (Note: both are geared towards students, but the same information applies to recruiters). 

For information on using the Career Fair Plus platform for a Virtual event, check out these articles provided by the company! If you need more assistance, here are more articles that break it down step-by-step. Since the platform pulls information from your registration and company profile in DiggerNet, you do NOT need to build a booth. You will need to build schedules for your virtual Career Day event. You will be sent an email in advance with instructions on how to log on and build a schedule!

Student Resources

For information on accessing Career Fair Plus through your computer, click here

For information on using the Career Fair Plus app on your phone, click here. You must use your phone to view the booth map for the in-person Career Day, but you can view the employer lists from either the app or web portals.

Additional Resources:


Our Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity

The Colorado School of Mines Career Center is committed to embracing the inclusion and diversity of our campus community, thereby creating equal opportunity for everyone.  We feel that acknowledging, respecting, and promoting each student and graduate, with his or her distinctive combination of age, sex, gender (including gender identity and gender expression), race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or military service, and socioeconomic background, brings a creative, innovative, and valued new workforce to our family of employers.

Those with accessibility accommodations or support needs are encouraged to contact L. Jane Cain at (303) 273-3233,