Csm250: Engineering Your Career Path

CSM250: Engineering Your Career Path is a 1.0 credit course that is designed to provide students with advanced career planning and job searching tools that are instrumental in obtaining internships, co-ops, research, and full-time positions.

This class gives guidelines on transitioning into a career, building career and life success after graduation, progressing to next career steps, and making a positive impact in chosen professions. 

Each class and assignment in this course are designed to provide students with opportunities to practice and gain feedback in the various areas of professional development they will encounter as Mines students and into their professional careers as Mines graduates.

Course Resources

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Sample Syllabus

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Course Catalog

Multiple sections of CSM250 are offered each semester.

10 week and 13 week options are available.

Course Learning Objectives

CSM250: Engineering Your Career Path is designed to enhance studentscareer readiness competencies through course materials, in-class activities, and guest speakers from a variety of industries. As a result of completing this course, students will develop competencies in the following themes. 

Career & Self Development
  • Develop a career plan through a unique combination of exercises, projects and assessments.
  • Evolve their academic career by exploring how to leverage talents and tools to effectively approach projects, job searching and professional development through a focus on strengths in studies, professional interactions, internships, and full-time positions.
Critical Thinking
  • Review, comprehend, and negotiate job offers.
  • Develop resumes and CVs, cover letters, a career portfolio and other documents used in a job search process (industry, research, academic).

  • Engage in successful interviews (in-person, phone, site, and video).

  • Understand the graduate school search and application process.

  • Conduct comprehensive and useful company research to further expand job opportunities and career exploration, as well as use of social media in an efficient, ethical manner.
Equity and Inclusion
  • Incorporate and maximize diversity initiatives in a workplace that is changing, evolving, and diversifying.

  • Research and apply global business practices to an international career track.

  • Demonstrate work ethic, and moving up in the company
  • Have a better understanding of the professional world through exposure to different perspectives shared by guest speakers in various industries.
  • Gain enhanced teamwork and collaboration skills through in class activities.
  • Transition from school to work through defining expectations, relocation preparation, engaging a mentor, and identifying strategies for ensuring work-life balance.
  • Acquire the necessary job search skills to succeed in taking personal responsibility for the management of their own careers.


The Colorado School of Mines Career Center is committed to embracing the inclusion and diversity of our campus community, thereby creating equal opportunity for everyone.  We feel that acknowledging, respecting, and promoting each student and graduate, with their distinctive combination of age, sex, gender (including gender identity and gender expression), race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or military service, and socioeconomic background, brings a creative, innovative and valued new workforce to our family of employers.

Those with accessibility accommodations or support needs are encouraged to contact L. Jane Cain at 303-273-3233, lcain@mines.edu.