Employer Branding

Ensure that your company is taking advantage of no cost and/or low cost branding activities, recruiting events, site visits, special functions, project sponsorship and more.

Campus Branding for the Future

Organizations that want to promote a solid presence on campuses, while maintaining their ability to acquire the best talent for their current and/or future recruiting needs will want develop a plan to lay the groundwork for a unique, effectual campus marketing campaign and ensure that the company is taking advantage of all opportunities.

Build or reinforce a strong branding campaign. The primary reason that companies have year-long programs is that they are looking to the future. This does not necessarily mean the biggest companies, but it is the organizations that are presenting the right message. And yes, this should continue even when you are not hiring. Much of the strategy can be enhancing current recruiting activities such as image in the job bank, exterior promotion during an info session, and/or year-round follow-up communication.

Non-recruiting related branding activities. There are many activities that are not recruiting, which can be part of a company’s branding strategy. This can include technical talks/lunch and learns at student organization meetings (see guidelines), presenting on a job searching topic, networking seminars and dinners, participating in a career panel, student project sponsorships, research partnerships with Mines, technical tours, company challenges / competitions (such as hack-a-thons), partnering with student clubs or organizations on external community projects, and supporting a corporate and foundation scholarship or fellowship.

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Arrange a Branding Visit to Campus

Companies who implement and manage successful branding programs with a great ROI, begin their strategy with arranging an engagement or branding visit to campus (including faculty and administrative department meetings). These meetings can be held annually to review program success or just initially to research ideas for a custom plan. Find out more or schedule a visit.

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WIRED for Work!

Meet one-on-one with Mines students during this professional development event, and use your expertise to offer resume critiques and practice interviews in preparation for recruiting season. You will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with students showing your commitment to their success and helping them develop skills to be strong candidates.

Principles for Professional Practice

Career Services at The Colorado School of Mines is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the national professional association to facilitate the employment of the college educated. As members, we abide by the Principles for Professional Practice, an ethics document that serves as the framework and foundation for practices within the career planning, placement, and recruitment processes. We expect all employers recruiting at Mines to follow these guidelines in addition to the ones listed below.

NACE Recruiting Principles

Mines Career Services adheres to the Principles for Ethical Professional Practice set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).  We expect all employers recruiting at Mines to follow these guidelines as well.

EEO Diversity

EEO Diversity

The Mines Career Center is committed to equal employment opportunities for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, citizenship status (as defined in the Immigration Reform and Control Act), disability, and veteran’s status.  We are dedicated to providing all of our departmental programs and activities to Mines students on a nondiscriminatory basis.  These equal employment opportunities extend to several aspects of the employment relationship including recruiting, interviewing, and selection and hiring.  Compliance with federal and state equal opportunity laws is a requirement of any company requesting to be present on our campus. It is also expected that employers and their representatives eliminate harassment of all forms in their recruiting, hiring, and selection process.

Employers recruiting for work outside of the United States are expected to adhere to the equal employment opportunity (EEO) policy as described above.  It is expected that these employers will advise the Career Center and the students of the realities of working in their particular country and of any cultural and foreign law differences.



Employers are eligible to recruit at Mines via DiggerNet (Symplicity) at no cost,  if the position they are posting is a legitimate full-time or part-time position or an internship.

To create an account in DiggerNet, all employers are required to use a company website, a company email address, and a company mailing address in their account registration. It is our policy not to approve ANY accounts that do not possess a valid website, that utilize non-company email addresses (e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Live, etc.), or that use residential homes for business. Not only does a website assist us in verifying the legitimacy of companies who request an account, but it also gives students an additional resource in researching a potential employer.

Positions requiring candidates to pay an application fee or to purchase equipment, supplies, travel, or training are not eligible to be posted or to be recruited for through University Career Services. Exceptions may be made for positions requiring federal and/or state licensing such as real estate, securities, etc.

Policies for third party employment services

Policies for Third-party Employment Services (TPES):

Employment agencies, temporary agencies acting as TPES, and search firms:

Mines complies with the professional standards in regards to the release of student educational information, as contained in the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) “Principles for Third-Party Recruiters.” TPES’s will not be allowed to post positions for students.

Third party recruiters, executive headhunters, and staffing agencies are not granted access to DiggerNet.


Alcohol and Cannabis

Alcohol and Cannabis

Alcohol:  Colorado School of Mines abides by NACE’s Principles for Ethical Professional Practice which states: “Serving alcohol should not be part of the recruitment process on or off campus. This includes receptions, dinners, company tours, etc.”

Serving alcohol to job candidates is inappropriate and inadvisable. This includes having an open bar, a paid bar, or holding a recruiting event in a bar. Many college students are younger than the state’s drinking age, therefore serving alcohol could also be in violation of state law.


Colorado School of Mines receives federal funding and Colorado School of Mines Career Center is limited to posting jobs that comply with both federal and state laws. Therefore, organizations involved in the production and/or promotion of marijuana, which is non-compliant with federal law, are not eligible to utilize Colorado School of Mines career services to recruit. Employers involved exclusively in hemp production and/or hemp research may be eligible to utilize career services if they can provide the following: 1. Evidence that they are registered with the State of Colorado Department of Agriculture AND 2. Information regarding the THC levels of the products they are producing, refining, or handling for research purposes. Counsel will be sought from Colorado School of Mines’ legal department as needed to ensure compliance with university policy as well as state and federal law.


The Colorado School of Mines Career Center is committed to embracing the inclusion and diversity of our campus community, thereby creating equal opportunity for everyone.  We feel that acknowledging, respecting, and promoting each student and graduate, with their distinctive combination of age, sex, gender (including gender identity and gender expression), race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or military service, and socioeconomic background, brings a creative, innovative and valued new workforce to our family of employers.

Those with accessibility accommodations or support needs are encouraged to contact L. Jane Cain at 303-273-3233, lcain@mines.edu.