Salary/Outcome Statistics

Graduate Outcomes, Internship Salaries and Annual Report

Each year, the Career Center collects data and analyzes the outcomes and on-campus recruiting activities at Colorado School of Mines. The reports listed below feature the highlights of graduate employment and outcomes, internships salaries, interviews, career fair numbers, recruiters on campus, and professional development activities occurring during the prior academic year.

Graduate Outcomes and Salaries. One hundred percent of all graduates are assisted and tracked for up to two years after graduation until the reach their first destination (industry employment, government employment, graduate school, etc.). The report below lists the most current year available, broken out by major, and degree level.

Internship Salaries. Data on summer internships is collected annually by survey. This is provided by the students on a voluntary basis. The information on the link below is for reference only and does not imply that this is the total number of internships and/or the only salaries experienced by Mines students for that most recent year.

Annual Report. In addition to the data listed above, this detailed 100+ page annual report has special diversity outcomes sections, all recruiting activities (from jobs posted to special events), employment and outcomes by departments, the two-year first destination rate, and a list of all employers who recruited at Mines during the prior year.


Annually, PayScale surveys alumni from the top colleges and universities to determine which colleges and degrees end up paying off most for grads. Mines has been on the top of this list for many years. Go to the full report.

Requests for Data

Mines Faculty, staff, and recruiters can request customized, non-confidential, outcomes and recruiting data for reports, hiring, and accreditation needs with a two week notice. The Career Center loves to partner with our stakeholders to provide information that will further the mission of Mines and our students.