Pre-Finals Workshop

Spring Pre-Finals is May 6, 2021








How do prepare for a Pre-Finals workshop?

Think about your study plan and your goals for the day. Is there something you want to make sure you review with a tutor before an exam? Do you want a positive study atmosphere during Review Day? Do you want to complete a practice exam? It’s only one day, yet it’s your day, so make the most of it!

How do I join a Pre-Finals workshop?

We have one main Zoom session from 10am-2pm that will be staffed by tutors. You can join by clicking the link above. Specific review sessions and breakout rooms will also have Zoom links that you can click on.

How do I ask a question about a specific subject?

When you’re in the Zoom session, you can raise your hand or ask your question in chat. One of our friendly and knowledgeable tutors will be ready to assist you in a 1:1 breakout room from the main room.

What can I expect in a Pre-Finals workshop?

This pre-finals workshop will be the most unique one yet! We’re anticipating an encouraging online environment where everyone can study together, and where you can get your questions answered by tutors and faculty.