Fall & Summer 2022 Rising Second-Year Registration Advisement

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April 27th

You’re invited to declare your major at Declaration Day! More information coming soon!

All first-year students must either attend an in-person or live virtual workshop (OR complete the full registration module in Canvas) AND complete the online advisement form below before requesting to meet with an advisor.  If you have questions outside of registration, please email casa@mines.edu.


In-Person Workshops (click here to register for your selected day/time  Zoom Workshops (click here to register for your selected day/time)
Monday, March 7th @ 8:30am Monday, March 7th @ 11am
Monday, March 7th @ 4pm
Tuesday, March 8th @ 8:30am Tuesday, March 8th @ 10am
Tuesday, March 8th @ 3pm
Wednesday, March 9th @ 10:30am Wednesday, March 9th @ 8:30am
Wednesday, March 9th @ 12pm
Thursday, March 10th @ 10am Thursday, March 10th @ 12pm
Friday, March 11th @ 9am Friday, March 11th @11am
Monday, March 14th @ 8:30am Monday, March 14th @ 11am
Monday, March 14th @ 4pm
Tuesday, March 15th @ 8:30am
Tuesday, March 15th @ 3pm
Wednesday, March 16th @ 10:30am Wednesday, March 16th @ 8:30am
Wednesday, March 16th @ 12pm
Thursday, March 17th @ 10am
Friday, March 18th @ 9am Friday, March 18th @ 11am
Monday, March 28th @ 8:30am Monday, March 28th @ 11am
Monday, March 28th @ 4pm
Tuesday, March 29th @ 8:30am Tuesday, March 29th @ 10am
Tuesday, March 29th @ 3pm
Wednesday, March 30th @ 10:30am Wednesday, March 30th @ 8:30am
Wednesday, March 30th @ 12pm
Thursday, March 31st @ 10am Thursday, March 31st @ 12pm
Friday, April 1st @ 9am Friday, April 1st @ 11am
Monday, April 4th @ 8:30am
Monday, April 4th @ 4pm
Tuesday, April 5th @ 3pm Tuesday, April 5th @ 10am


Fall/Summer 2022 Registration Advisement Form – Rising Second-Year Students

Please complete the form and submit it. You will be contacted by your advisor within 5 days (not including weekends). Please include your anticipated courses for next semester as well as any special requests or questions that can be addressed before you will be scheduled for an appointment. 

  • Identify the courses you plan to take next semester (Course Name & Course Number).
ADA Accessibility: CASA’s new location in Aspen Hall, 1869 W. Campus Rd., is not ADA accessible. If you require ADA accessibility, we are happy to work with you! Please consider scheduling an online appointment or e-mailing casa@mines.edu 48 hours in advance to set up an appointment in a common ADA accessible area on campus.