Summer Course Information

Many students ask about taking courses over the summer. The answer is yes, and you have options for summer coursework. First and foremost, do remember to take time for yourself over the summer!

Here’s information about summer coursework:

  • Mines offers many summer courses. Here are some courses that are still open for summer 2020:
    • MATH112 Calculus II (May 11 & June 22 start)
    • MATH 213 Calculus III (June 22 start)
    • MATH225 Differential Equations (June 22 start)
    • PEGN102 Introduction to Petroleum Industry (June 22 start)
    • MTGN202 Engineered Materials (June 22 start)
    • EBGN301 Intermediate Microeconomics (May 11 start)
    • EBGN304 Personal Finance (May 11 start)
    • MEGN200 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering: Programming & Hardware Interface (June 22 start)
    • PHGN200 Physics II (June 22 start)
  • You can take courses at an accredited college or university away from Mines during the summer. Outside of Colorado Community College system articulation agreement schools, you’ll need permission to transfer the course back to Mines. More information about the transfer process can be found here:
    • To see if we have accepted courses from your local institution, visit this website: