Bounce Back

What is Bounce Back?

Bounce Back is a semester long course that gives students a concentrated academic coaching experience, providing structure, resources, accountability, and caring support to help each student achieve their goals.

Focus on resilience with support

In addition to academic skills, the course focuses on resilience and having the skills to bounce back from adversity, including finding and building a support network of peers and campus resources. Each meeting, students will work with the Bounce Back Facilitator and a Peer Coach. Our data shows students who complete the program are more likely to improve their GPA than those who choose not to participate.

Bounce Back is a research-based, best practice used by colleges and universities nationwide.

What is a peer coach?

Peer coaches are current Mines students and former Bounce Back participants who will serve as role models, mentors and act as a resource to students in the program.

What topics are covered in the course?

Lesson topics include, but are not limited to: time management, procrastination, study skills, self-compassion and growth mindset, test prep, study skills, impostor syndrome, how the brain learns, values and motivation, stress management and wellbeing, personal values, and motivation.

Who takes Bounce Back?

Bounce Back students have failed and/or needed to retake courses, may currently be on academic probation, or may be returning from academic suspension and looking for a fresh start. Former Bounce Backers often say their favorite part of the course is the support of their classmates: fellow students who have also struggled in courses at Mines and helped them learn they’re not alone. 

Are there any other places I can learn these skills?

If you’re interested in learning about these academic skills right away, CASA offers one-on-one academic coaching where you can work with an academic advisor and practice skills specific to you and your academic journey.



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Questions about Bounce Back?
Please feel free to contact Sadie Downs with any questions related to Bounce Back or the Peer Coach position: or 303-384-2600

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