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Today (Wednesday, April 29th) is also the deadline to withdraw or select Pass/No Pass for one or more of your spring semester courses (by 5pm MST):

CASA Newsletter Update: 3/25


At CASA, we’re working hard to make sure you are supported as your courses transition to an online setting. Our advising and academic support offerings are also completely virtual. Today, we have three updates and one ask:

  1. Advisement: Next week we will have walk-in quick question advising support from 7am-7pm through Zoom. The link will be sent to you at the end of the week.
  1. Tutoring: We have a platform for online tutoring! Our tutors are setting up their hours now. We’ll send you the information for how to use the system as soon as it is ready.
  1. Academic Support Resources: We’re working on new and expanded resources to support you with your academics. One is access to online resources from Innovative Educators. Click here to create your account to explore an online orientation and student success workshops (click here for more information). You have free access to the information through April 17th. Remember to also visit the Mines Keep Learning website to explore a variety of resources and tips for remote learning.


Enjoy Spring Break

Blaster the BurroHowdy. I hope you are enjoying your spring break OreDiggers! Well since you’ve been gone the entire state has been locked down due to the coronavirus and the entire university is now virtual. Everything you did in-person can now happen online regarding course work. We will be publishing occasional newsletters updating you on what’s happening in CASA! Check back soon!