Welcome to Mines!

Fall Schedules

The Registrar’s Office will create your first semester schedule based off your intended major and any applicable AP/IB/TR credit. Be sure to send your official test scores and transcripts to Mines for evaluation.

First-year student schedules will be available in Trailhead on August 1st.

You will be able to design your schedule each semester after your first to accommodate course and schedule preferences.

CASA Advisors hosted Webinar Wednesdays in 2018 and they are recorded for your viewing below. CASA Advisors will host Webinar Wednesdays again in July 2019; stay tuned for more details.


July 11 Webinar- Amy

July 18 Webinar- Kyle

July 25 Webinar- Erica

August 1 Webinar- Amy

PAs on the Plaza Video

CASA Overview Video