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CASA Front Desk Assistant

The CASA Front Desk Assistant (FDA) position is the first point of contact when you come into CASA. FDA’s are an integral part of CASA because they provide front-line customer service and offer information about CASA’s academic services. In addition, FDA’s can offer insight on course scheduling, registration and course outcomes as they might have completed the courses in question. The CASA Front Desk Assistants are excited to assist with all of your CASA needs! 

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Maddie Redden Junior, Geological Engineering

Hi, I’m Maddie! I’m originally from Gunnison, CO, and am the President of the Mines Ski Team. I also love books and enjoy a good Netflix binge. I like to go on mini adventures, especially when I can take cool pictures.

Pablo Lopez Junior, Civil Engineering

Hi, I'm Pablo. I'm originally from El Paso, Texas but I have grown up in Greeley, Colorado. The reason I came to Mines was because of the reputation of the school has for engineering, and it wasn't too far from home. Fun fact about me is that I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain and I love going to music festivals and concerts!

Jaymee Donovan Junior, Civil Engineering

Hi, my name is Jaymee. I am from Santa Rosa, California. I came to Mines because I loved how the campus had a community atmosphere. One fun fact about me is I hate watching movies.

Lauryn Ancheta Freshman, Mechanical Engineering

Hi! I'm Lauryn Ancheta and I am from Colorado Springs. I decided to come to Mines because I love STEM and the support that this school has to offer. A fun fact about me is that I want to work for Disney when I am older!

Heather Schneider Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Hello, My name is Heather. I’m a Colorado native and I was drawn to Mines because of the close knit community. I’m currently a junior pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. One fun fact about me is that I have been to 7 countries and I’m hoping to go to even more!

Samuel Clay Sophomore, Electrical Engineering

Hi, I'm Samuel. I'm from Colorado and I came to Mines because I decided I wanted to become an engineer, and it was close to home, (but not too close). I'm multilingual (English, French, Spanish), and I enjoy dabbling in CGI in my free time and creating animations.

Yifan Gu Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Hello, my name is Yifan Gu. I come from China and I am a junior studying Mechanical Engineering and enjoy it. I like sports especially basketball.

Uzma Kamarul Redzuan Sophomore, Petroleum Engineering

Hi, my name is Uzma. I was born and raised in Malaysia and if I could be anywhere I would love to be on the beach!

Sabina Arroyo Sophmore, Mechanical Engineering

Hi, I'm Sabina. Born and raised in Austin, TX. I came to Mines because I got an amazing opportunity to work towards my undergraduate bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Azmeer Muhammad Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Hi, I’m Azmeer! I was born in Malaysia and stayed at Qatar for 2 years. I know 3 languages; Malay, Arabic and English. The main reason I came to Mines is because my dad used to study here. Fun fact about me is that I may not look like it but I play all kind of sports.

Anastasia Baltes Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Hi, my name is Anastasia. I am from a small town in eastern New Mexico, and I came to Mines for all the amazing opportunities offered here that you can’t find anywhere else. I am pursuing the 4+1 program for Materials and Nuclear Engineering. A fun fact about me is that I have two pet chinchillas named Kerby and Nilla!

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