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Live Tutoring Announcements

Carsten will be unavailable Mon, 11/27

Calvin will be unavailable Tues, 11/28

Deandre will be unavailable Tues and Wed, 11/28 & 11/29

Shayn will be unavailable Sun, 12/03


CASA Tutoring Fall Closures

Fall 2023Dates
Labor DaySeptember 4
Fall BreakOctober 15-17
Thanksgiving November 22-24
Pre-Finals WorkshopDecember 7
Winter BreakDecember 18- January 8


Part of Mines commitment to the success of our students is providing no-cost tutoring to all undergraduate students. We provide support in all core classes and multiple upper-level courses. Our tutors are highly trained sophomore, junior, and senior level students that are dedicated to helping youthrough those academic challenges.

Those with accessibility needs, concerns or requests are encouraged to contact us via email Please note, at this time the Aspen tutoring space does require stair maneuverability.


Tutoring Guidelines

Come prepared to receive tutoring by:

  • Knowing the chapter being covered in class.
  • Having attempted the homework before coming with questions.
  • Understanding that when sessions busy, tutors will divide their time among students seeking help.
  • Understanding that tutors are meant to help you understand the material, not teach it from scratch. 
  • Please be aware all tutors do not tutor all subjects.

 About Us

Please look at our Live Tutoring announcements for updates on  when our tutors are remote or out of office.



Major/MinorTutorMondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday
Geological EngineeringIsaac5-9pm5-9pm5-9pm
Physics Engineering Calvin7-9pm6-8pm
Computer ScienceDeandre7:30-9pm7-9pm7:30-9pm
Biochemical EngineeringEmma6:30-8pm5-7pm
Electrical EngineeringHunter5-7pm5-7pm
Chemical EngineeringJarrett5-7pm5-7pm5-7pm5-7pm
Computer ScienceLindsey5-9pm


Major/MinorTutorSundayMondayTuesday WednesdayThursday
Applied Math & StatJoey 5-8:00pm5-6:30pm5-6:30pm
Chemical Noah6-9pm6-9pm6-9pm6-9pm
Computer Science EngineeringLindsey 5-9pm
Mechanical EngineeringShayn5-9pm
Civil EngineeringAndrew7-9pm7-9pm7-9pm
Civil EngineeringWalter5-9pm6-9pm6-9pm
Computer ScienceSophia5-8pm5-9pm5-9pm
Computer ScienceDavid5-9pm5-9pm
Electrical EngineeringHunter5-7pm
Electrical Engineering
Computer ScienceMadelyn6-9pm
PhD- Electrical EngineeringPatrick7-9pm5-7pm
Biochemical EngineeringEmma5-7pm


CASA Tutoring
Aspen Hall
Golden, CO 80401

Tutoring Hours

S-TH: 5pm – 9pm
Friday-Saturday: Closed

See tutoring schedule for fall hours


Phone & Email

Call 303-384-2600

Check out our other free academic support programs at CASA below.


Tutors Expertise Sheet- Fall

Looking for a specific course? type it in the search box and see who can provide tutoring 

Please use course prefix and number to search as this is how courses are listed (ex: PHGN 100 instead of Physics 1).

TutorExpertise (Course Codes)
Andrew T.MATH111, MATH112, MATH213, MATH225, CEEN241, CEEN267, CEEN310, CEEN311, CHGN121, CHGN122, EDNS151, GEGN101, HASS100, PHGN100, PHGN200
Calvin H.MATH111, MATH112, MATH213, MATH225, MATH332, CHGN121, CSCI128, CSCI200, CSCI250, CSCI303, EBGN201, EDNS151, HASS100, PHGN100, PHGN200, PHGN215, PHGN300
Carson D.MATH111, MATH213, MATH225, CSCI128, CSCI200, EENG281, EENG282, EENG284, EENG307, EENG310, EENG383, EENG386, PHGN100, PHGN200
Carsten E.MATH111, MATH112, MATH213, MATH225, MATH332, CHGN121, CHGN122, CSCI250, EDNS151, EDNS251, PHGN100, PHGN200, PHGN215, PHGN300, PHGN311, PHGN315, PHGN317, PHGN324, PHGN350
David M.MATH111, MATH213, MATH201, MATH307, MATH332, CEEN241, CSCI128, CSCI220, CSCI250, CSCI274, CSCI306, CSCI358, CSCI404, CSCI406, CSCI473, EENG281, EENG282, MEGN200, MEGN212, PHGN100
Deandre R.MATH111, MATH112, MATH213, MATH201, MATH225, MATH332, CSCI128, CSCI200, CSCI220, CSCI260, CSCI274, CSCI303, CSCI306, CSCI341, CSCI370, CSCI406, CSCI442, CSCI470
Hunter B.MATH111, MATH112, MATH213, MATH225, MATH332, CSCI200, EBGN201, EENG281, EENG282, EENG284, PHGN100, PHGN200
Isaac P.MATH111, MATH112, MATH213, MATH201, MATH225, MATH307, MATH332, CEEN241, CEEN310, CEEN311, CHGN121, CHGN122, CHGN209, EBGN201, EDNS361, EDNS264, GEOL102, GEOL310, GEOL314, GEOL315, GEOL410, GEOL470, GEGN101, GEGN203, GEGN204, GEGN205, GEGN212, GEGN217, GEGN330, GEGN351, GEGN475
Jarret F.CBEN200, CBEN201, CBEN210, CHGN121, CHGN122, CHGN221, CHGN222, CHGN223
Joey D.MATH111, MATH112, MATH213, MATH201, MATH225, MATH300, MATH301, MATH307, MATH310, MATH332, MATH334, MATH335, MATH455, CSCI128, CSCI200, CSCI220, CSCI303
Joshua R.CEEN241, CEEN311, CHGN121, CHGN125, CSCI128, EENG281, EENG282, EDNS151, EDNS157, HASS339, MEGN200, MTGN202, MTGN211, MTGN251, MTGN281, MTGN314, MTGN314L, MTGN333, MTGN350, MTGN352, PHGN100
Lindsey S.MATH111, MATH112, MATH213, MATH225, CHGN121, CSCI128, CSCI200, EDNS151, HASS100, PHGN100, PHGN200
Patrick S.MATH111, MATH112, MATH213, MATH201, MATH225, MATH332, CSCI200, CSCI220, EENG281, EENG282, EENG284, EENG307, EENG310, EENG311, EENG383, EENG385, EENG386, EENG389, EENG390, EENG392, EENG415, EENG417, EENG423, EENG470, EENG475, EENG480, PHGN100, PHGN200
Shayn M.MATH111, MATH112, MATH213, MATH225, CEEN241, CBEN110, CBEN120, CHGN121, CHGN122, EENG281, EDNS151, EDNS157, HASS100, HASS200-P, MTGN202, PHGN100, PHGN200
Sophia M.MATH111, MATH112, MATH213, MATH201, MATH225, MATH332, CSCI128, CSCI200, CSCI220, CSCI341, CSCI358, HASS100, HASS200-E, HASS200-C, PHGN100, PHGN200
Walter S.MATH111, MATH112, MATH213, MATH201, MATH225, CEEN210, CEEN241, CEEN267, CEEN310, CEEN311, CEEN312, CEEN312L, CEEN314, CEEN315, CEEN350, CEEN360, CEEN381, CEEN421, CEEN443, CEEN445, CEEN446, EBGN201, EDNS151, GEGN101, HASS100, HASS200-E, HASS463, MEGN212, MEGN315
Zander E.MATH111, MATH213, MATH225, MATH332, CSCI128, CSCI200, CSCI250, CSCI274, EENG281, EENG282, EENG284, EENG307, EENG383, EENG385, EENG392, EENG423, PHGN215, PHGN317
NoahMATH111, MATH112, MATH213, MATH225, CBEN110,CBEN200,CBEN201,CBEN210, CBEN307,CBEN357,CHGN121,CHGN122,CHGN221,CHGN222,CHGN223,CHGN224,CHGN351,EBGN201,
ADA Accessibility: CASA’s new location in Aspen Hall, 1869 W. Campus Rd., is not ADA accessible. If you require ADA accessibility, we are happy to work with you! Please consider scheduling an online appointment or e-mailing 48 hours in advance to set up an appointment in a common ADA accessible area on campus.