Mines Content Management System (CMS) Help

The Mines Content Management System (CMS) is a web-based application that allows website owners and administrators to update pages, add images, and upload documents to the inside.mines.edu and www.mines.edu websites without any prior web-development experience.

This service has been deprecated and is scheduled to go out of service Fall 2019.


Why use a content-management system? How do you migrate your current “traditional” site into our system? Where are we going with the web at Mines? Here are the basics.

  • Why Use a CMS? What are the advantages of a CMS compared to “traditional” methods? The rationale for our web system is explained.
  • Moving Your Website Into the Mines CMS Practical details about what it takes to make the move. (Spoiler alert: It’s pretty easy.)


These tutorials provide new CMS users with the baseline training needed to perform basic site updates (linked titles indicate new versions of these documents; “PDF” links are to documents now under revision):

  • CMS Basics Learn how to log in, navigate to your site’s CMS directory, and edit an existing page.
  • Creating Links [PDF] This tutorial explains how to use the CMS to create hyperlinks from one page to another.
  • Managing Documents [PDF] Learn to upload document files into the CMS and create document links.
  • Working With Images Learn to upload and modify image files. [PDF]
  • Creating New Pages [PDF] Learn how to add new pages to your CMS-powered web site.
  • Working With Sidebars [PDF] Does your web site have a global sidebar? Learn how to make changes to it here.


Advanced users, or Administrators, may find these tutorials useful.

  • Embedding Videos Embed YouTube videos on your web page for extra graphical “punch.”
  • Rotating Images Add animation to your academic-department home page images, like you see here.
  • CMS Navigation  [PDF] Create new navigation elements on your site’s left nav sidebar (some features are available only to administrators).
  • Create CCIT Outages and Event Notices A quick-and-dirty, step-by-step guide for CCIT staff.


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