Mines Email Services for Faculty, Staff and Students


Email services are available to all Mines students, faculty, and staff while they are actively enrolled or employed at Mines. Services continue during summer breaks and periods that may include study abroad, internships, sabbaticals, or extended leave. Special arrangements may need to be made during semester, or longer, absences from campus since enrollment or employment records may indicate an inactive status.

Faculty and Staff Email

ALL 2018 UPDATE: Mines Exchange email is moving to the cloud. If your account has been moved, here is how to manage it: https://www.mines.edu/ccit/faculty-staff-email-online/




Log into your Mines exchange account.

Basic Email Settings

  • Web access is the preferred method for accessing and managing email:
    username: adit\USERNAME
    password: Your MultiPass password (since March 2015, all major Mines computing passwords have been subsumed under the single MultiPass password).
  • Outlook settings:  See this page
  • IMAP (Not recommended for Outlook or Mac Mail users):
    Incoming server: exchange.mines.edu
    Port: 993
    Use secure connection: choose SSL
    Use secure authentication: (NO, not checked)
    IMAP server directory (or root prefix) = blank
    Note: Use secure connection, don’t use secure authentication.
  • Sending mail,  IMAP:
    Server Name: exchange.mines.edu
    Port: 587
    Use secure connection: choose SSL
    Use username and password: Yes
    Note: ADIT password is required

Settings and options for popular email client programs

Email for Students

Log into your Mines MyMail account.

IMAP/POP information for your MyMail account.

More about student email.

Outgoing mail server settings when connecting via an outside Internet Service Provider (ISP) are likely to be mail.isp.com or smtp.isp.net. Check with your ISP for your specific settings.