Email Configuration for Android Devices

To configure a device for Native Exchange:

Please note: These instructions pertain only to Faculty and Staff email addresses.

For Android 2.3 devices or higher to configure a Mines Exchange account you will need to use the following guidelines. Each device may be different therefore step-by-step instructions are not possible. If you have any questions please see a consultant in the Computer Commons or open a Service Request at the Mines Help Center.

When you first launch the e-mail client you will be prompted for your e-mail address and e-mail password. Your e-mail address will be your entire Mines address in the form of and ADIT password.

Set up email:
Email > enter your Mines email address and ADIT password > Manual setup > Exchange >
Password: should already be filled from the last screen, but if you need to, enter your ADIT password
Use secure connection (SSL): checked
Accept all SSL certificates: unchecked

Tap Next
Checking incoming server settings… (make take a minute)
Tap OK

The settings on the Account options page is up to you. I chose the following settings:
Inbox checking frequency: every 15 mins (I’d rather not be notified every time I get an email, 15 mins works for the sense of urgency in my line of work. The less the urgency, the less often I would check my mail from my phone. You can always do a manual check-email whenever you want.)
I accepted all of the other default options.
If you’re not actively using another email account with your phone, such as your gmail account, I recommend that you put a check mark next to “Send email from this account by default.”

Tap Next
Account Name: Mines
Tap Done


*To do a Manual check of your email:
Email > Menu > Refresh